Why foreign men like Russian girls?

How to conquer the Russian girl? What men she likes? What she expects from the novel with a foreigner?

Russian girls are remarkable?

Russian women are not only a kind, caring, agreeable and interested in family. Another important aspect, although not the most important is their beauty: they are well-groomed, elegant and feminine.

For Russian girls are very important to emphasize their femininity through clothing. Hair is perfectly stacked, flawless manicure and pedicure, moreover, it is practically impossible to meet a girl in sneakers. All the while dressed in the latest fashion. A huge number of women spend all day on the heels of 12 cm, although sometimes in a huge bag there is another pair of more comfortable shoes.

What kind of men they love?

Girls from Russia prefer much older men. Do not be surprised if the 20-year-old girl finds interesting man at the age of 40.

Unlike Western women who adore the perfect athletic body and courageous beautiful faces here, fortunately, other laws of attraction. Small tummy will not create any problem, you can be sexy without pumped up press. “A man should be a little nicer than monkey” – Russian proverb says.

What else is able to hit the Russian women’s fantasy? Habit to smile often. Try to show a positive, sunny side, but do not overdo it. There is another saying in Russia: “Laughter for no reason is sign of a fool.” Not fundamentally important is your bank account. Anyone who has a car and an apartment is considered rich.

What can I say about alcohol? First of all, it makes no sense to joke on the topic of your love for vodka; a girl might not like it. But in any case, do not say that you are not drinking at all, otherwise you will be like an alien.

How to meet?

It is easy to meet Russian girl. If you are polite, you are unlikely to be said go away and will have a chance at least exchange a few words.

Stay at the entrance to the subway and look around, ask for help from passing girls. Forget all the strategies we are used to, select a nice girl and you approach it. The main thing is not to start with too beautiful compliment. Once breaking modesty, you will feel more confident in this string of beautiful women, reminiscent of a fashion show.

How to behave on a date?

Russian women do not expect that you immediately show your best pick up skills to them: they do not live in a romantic movie where everything is perfect.

Win the trust of Russian women has long, so be very careful and do not make wrong moves. If you show her Casanova on the first date, it will cool off her and she will treat you with great suspicion. The magic word is seriousness. So, be careful not to make mistakes, showing explicit sexual intentions or as he watched a charming girl, walked past your table. Always keep a respectful and gallant attitude to your lady.

If the first date is not finished with something spicy, do not show the girl your disappointment.

Mercantile and calculating?

In relation to the girls from Eastern Europe, we hear it all the time. Use men and money, mercantile. Actually, the fact that these girls are interested primarily in the purse, more like a legend than reality. But for every rule there are exceptions.

Faced with a beautiful girl, beware, if on the first date, she will let you know that she needed gifts. It is clear signal that she wants fool you to earn extra money and then evaporate.

We must also add that in the countries of the former Soviet Union, all lunches and dinners, especially during courtship, pay the man. If you’ve met a girl who could pay for a trip to the cinema or for pizza, in Russia forget it. This approach does not mean the desire to sit on the man’s neck, it’s just the mentality.

At the same time out of your mind the idea that a girl from Russia wants to escape from her country is ready to rush to the first comer. Except for some cases, a girls living in the big cities are not crazy about the idea of moving to the West. Do not forget that these women have deep ties with their homeland and would not want to leave, even if unacceptable to us seems to live-in the cold winter for -20. So, Russian girls are not desperate ladies, they do not need to leave the borders of their country in order to feel successful.

But there are exceptions. You must stay away from women seeking money only. But before we condemn them, think about the cultural and social life of these girls. You may have heard or seen in movies communal apartments. It is a collective apartment, in which several families live together. To reach one apartment, you must pass by a large number of rooms in a unique and terrible chaos. You will see the old sleeping, screaming children, women who sit and knit. Toilet, bathroom and kitchen are common. To live in an environment where there is not even a minimum of comfort, is not easy. Or think about the hard life in the province, about girls who grew up in poverty and misery. Coming out of such an environment, it is difficult to treat men not only as a source of money.

For a girl from Eastern Europe care about appearance is a determining factor in the relationship. She will do anything to avoid becoming unattractive for you.

Even after many years of marriage she finds a way to surprise you and keep passion. Sex is another important factor. Let’s say that very rarely you hear the classic cause of failure – “I have a headache.” Russian woman is being passionate lover and perfect house keeper. At the tender age they are already trained in all cases on home work. They are well prepared; do not forget to show imagination. Many of them know how to sew – as if by magic piece of cloth they make in fashionable dress.

Take one of the dilemmas of Western women: what to choose – a house or career? For Russian girl there is no problem: to have a good position does not mean to abandon the family. They manage to be both – mothers and wives and work. The union of two people, especially if they have children, it is considered unbreakable. Come to a rupture is only possible in special cases. Unlike our counterparts, they used to fight not to lose their lover.

In other words, if you married a girl from the former Soviet Union, you will never be bored. Unless you are not boring person yourself.

Last piece of advice I will give you: hurry up! It has been two decades since the fall of communism. Time flies, rapidly changing socio-economic factors. Women are also changing, becoming more emancipated, with the ability to travel; they have greatly expanded their horizons. Unfortunately, many people began to behave in the Western model – the dream of becoming a fashion model or to participate in a reality show.

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