Why dating girl from Ecuador could make you angry?

There are different reasons why people get mad for each other and sometimes it is very painful for both to make some actions not to quarrel about minor things in the future. When talking particularly about dating in Ecuador there are usual things that may happen with boyfriend and girlfriend in any country of the world and there are special, particular to Ecuadorian girls features that might piss you off. Maybe belong not to Ecuadorian girls only, but that is what I have personally noticed.
The first thing is why Ecuadorians are so time careless? The way they show their disrespect to the appointments and deals is not actually disrespect or at least they do not take it for disrespect. It is national feature in Ecuador and some say people are just happy when they are not in hurry and when take time just as it is. I am sure there are some pluses in this theory of being careless according time and deadlines, but that is one point you have to get used to if you are dating Ecuadorian girl. She would almost always be late. I still haven’t got used to it and that still pisses me off a lot. Maybe because I am alien in Ecuador? Read also: Why Ecuadorian girls who are dating Americans want to come back to Ecuador?

One more thing I hate about Ecuadorian girls is they often say not true and don’t really care about it. When you made an appointment and she agreed positively she may not come the next day and will completely ignore you. This issue was total nonsense for me as for the man who rose up in western culture; it was enough just simply say “no” and I would understand. But I decided to discover why it happens often and the key is in cultural differences and mentality. If you make Ecuadorian girl too open hints for sex, for example, like asking her to come home at the first date, on the contrary to western girl, who would say she is not ready for such step yet or just call me jerk, Ecuadorian girl would try not to offend the guy and say “yes, I will come, but tomorrow night”, meaning actually “no”, but then slightly disappearing from your life.

So, it means you have spent great time on a date with Ecuadorian girl and the next day is very promising to you, but she thinks differently. She has already accepted you as the guy who wants just to get her in bed and would react properly, in the way she can, in the way life in Ecuador has taught her. She would try not to see you and if you insist she would be embarrassed and confused as she thinks like Ecuadorian and expects you to think the same way and this means you would have to understand she is not interested in you, but for some reason you keep approaching her. She does not understand this. She is totally confused. She is almost ready to ask strictly “What do you want” and for Ecuadorian girl this is real deed. Personally, that attitude pisses me of about Ecuadorian girls. 

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