Why Colombian women want to leave Colombia

Taking into consideration information taken out from palls, more Colombian woman would like to escape Colombia for abroad. This is going about young Colombian women mostly. Those who are older mostly have their own families and strong family relationships. In addition, language barrier is also big thing if it goes about USA.

The reason why Colombian women increasingly eager to marry foreigners and why they want to leave their country and face with abroad life is in unstable economical situation that causes corruption, low salaries, non effective courts, uncertainty about the future, poverty, lack of freedom and many other factors. Every woman is dreaming to rise up children in friendly environment with the respect of human rights and prospects in the future. Many Colombian women still think they would live in paradise if they go abroad.

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New Colombian generation, more young think slightly different, because many use the Internet and often chat with foreigners all over the world. Some percentage of Colombian women have already been abroad. Students exchange, season work, work in camps stuff like that helps Colombians to explore the world. More and more young Colombian girls realize that life abroad is full of challenges, but still they consider it much better that in their native country. Problems would always find you, but it is better to solve them in financially stable, non-corrupted society. Even a thought of living abroad shows less essential problems that in Columbia.

Subconsciously women choose strong partner to create strong family and have healthy children. American fiancé for Columbian woman is better partner in economical sense, because with him she is sure in the next day, and much more chances Columbian husband may looose his job and then family will be unable to survive.

One of the facts is Colombian woman is looking for a strong partner for her future progeny and because of financial aspect, finds him abroad. More than 90% of Colombian students would like to work abroad. 70 % of young Colombians would like to live abroad. This tendency answers the question why so many Colombian women are looking for foreign partner.

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Of course, not all the Colombian girls would leave abroad. Many are happy to live in Colombia, having strong relations with Colombian boyfriend and are also happy in marriages if so. They rise up children, love their husband and share happines and hard times. I would not say majority of Colombian woman want to escape Colombia. This is big country and if even 5% of all women wish to find foreign husband and leave Colombia, it is not that much, still most would stay in Colombia.

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