Why Chilean brides often are becoming brides of American citizens

Chilean women have both – European and Indigenous roots and all those facts and many other influence has made them to be very pretty and noticeable. Chile is developed country which takes good place among other countries with good GDP and average income in the world and I am not even talking about other Latin American countries. Chile is treated almost equal with great world Economies and that’s why, for example, Chileans do not need visa to enter the rest of civilized and developed world. Not in the last place Chileans could travel the world due to this fact and also because their average income is quit competitive in the world. Chile is attractive for foreign, including American, investors and no wonder that many Americans and people from other countries visit Chile. Due to all these facts American men and Chilean women often cross both – in Chile and in the United States; also United States is popular destination for wealthy Chileans to study. No wonder that because of such cultural and business exchange many Americans get acquainted with Chilean girls, many Chilean girls are dating Americans and as the result you see Chilean-American wedding where bride is from Chile and fiancé is from the U.S.

I would not say that many Chilean girls become brides of Americans on purpose i.e. to get American residence or citizenship. Of course, there are some women in Chile like that, but in most cases I see American-Chilean couples formed by mutual sympathy and interest to each other. This “poor country origin” thing as in many other Latin countries just could not be applied to Chile as I have already explained in other articles about Chile and Chilean women. Read also: Perfect girlfriend from Chile – is it possible?

Maybe just theoretically, if to give a chance for Chilean girl to choose fiancé among different nations, American guy would have some bonus because of citizenship, but at the same time American men are known in different countries as arrogant, throwing their money from the right to the left and treating every woman in relatively poor to the U.S. country as accessible, because she is in need for money. That all makes American male tourists bad reputation because all of them are treated by locals in such bad light. That is why I see relationships in mixed national couples between Americans and Chileans as natural, because when it is going about mutual interest, feelings, love – you don’t think about nationality of the person, you pay attention to the person, to the way it sees life, to common things to do and delights, to appearance at last, but not to the nationality and that is right thing to do, to accept person for what he/she is, but not for the country of origin. Read also: Are Chilean women good option for American to marry 

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