Why brides from Paraguay are not popular

Brides from Paraguay are popular among local men. The situation is different worldwide. Brides from some exotic country might be popular mostly because of their natural beauty or because the country is popular as tourist destination and millions of foreigners every year visit this country, meet local people there, get new friends, find there common companies of friends and as the result are getting married there. Paraguay is none of those reasons and that is why Americans or Germans are not in hurry to visit Paraguay in search of love of their life. We don’t hear often that some of our friends has married woman from Paraguay unlike we often here how someone has married Ukrainian or Polish wife.

Paraguay is the country with its own philosophy of life. People here live calm and measured life; they are rarely in hurry and often would not like to bring grand sudden changes in their life. Paraguay is poor country, but it does not disturb people to feel happy. People here are happy with what they have and most of them like their life. This peaceful country in the middle of South America attracts foreigners by its calmness and peaceful quietness of life. Those people who came for permanent life here in Paraguay from Australia, USA or Europe do not shout about this to the entire world. They are happy with what they got and they keep this in their heart without a need to share this with publicity. If you found the spot where you feel comfy you don’t really shout about the spot to everyone in order to tell all about it. You keep this place in secret to save it for you and your closest people. The same with Paraguay. If urbanization and globalization come here fast it would look like most of highly developing Indonesian countries where unique culture and traditions give way to typical modern high scrapers with its indispensable business centers which bring stress and fatigue along with stupid rules and personal captivity of the 21st century. If the entire modern world quickly comes to Paraguay it will look the same as the rest of similar countries and will lose its unique spirit.

Brides from Paraguay are not that popular in the world because most of women here are not distinguished as constant winners of world beauty contests. Women here are pretty but you can find in Eastern Europe much prettier. Women here have unique lifestyle philosophy and in Europe you might find women who have similar to yours view of the world and at the same time are like from the movies and also are great housewives. It is not that women from Paraguay are bad; they just lose in competiveness with other countries that’s why Paraguayan women are not that popular as brides among Canadian, Australian or American fiancés. Well, there is interest for everything in the world. Man who at least once has visited Paraguay before has thought about bride from this country and it doesn’t matter is it popular country for finding the best brides or not. This is kind of personal decision and here you are able to find what suits you best of all. It doesn’t matter you have Peruvian bride or not the main is to have feelings like love, respect and to be devoted to each other.

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