Why brides from Estonia are popular?

Brides from Estonia take honorable place among brides of the world because of their genuine beauty and other key factors which we will name here in our article. If so many Americans, Europeans and even Australians come visit Estonia in search of bride, there should be something that increases the interest to unmarried girls of this country, shouldn’t it?

The initial factor is beauty of Estonian women. Of course, you would not like to take not pretty woman for a wife, would you? Well, I understand there are different people and rumors like the real love knows no boundaries and we love the soul of a person and the main is what is “inside” of the person and beauty is only a cover… Yes, yes… we have heard this all and those are ideals of perfect world, but in reality no one likes obese and ugly women. Every man first of all evaluates woman by her so called external features and characteristics. Later it is very important for women to be intelligent, because this is also important in building future relations. If it is impossible to have conversation it is impossible to make real relations. Only in some cases rich men choose pretty but silly girls for wives, but usually not for long and rather rarely; more often such girls become their lovers and nothing more.

So, we found out pretty is the key fact to attract man. Estonian women are known as very pretty and that is why they attract men of different corners of the world to Estonia. Those men come to Estonia and get acquainted to nice and hospitable Estonian women. As every real man wants to possess beauty, within some time as one of the ways to possess it he chooses marriage. In case of Estonia it often works well, because Estonia is not very rich country on the one hand and Estonian girls take marriage with foreigner often as a chance to have better life and on the other hand Estonian girls live in European Union and infrastructure of Estonian is closely connected to other EU countries; that means it is not hard to visit Estonia, many foreigners visit Estonia in business and along with it get acquainted to Estonian women – colleagues for work, girls on the streets and girls in cafés. So, Estonian brides are also popular because the country is in EU and foreign man do not only visit country in business or as tourists, but also like to come here because Estonian is safe and secure for foreigners. Read also: Why Estonian girls are desirable girlfriends?

Gossips and stereotypes also make its impact into popularity of Estonian women as brides for foreigners. Imagine the situation when American or German man went to Estonian and brought with him pretty wife. His friends and family members see how pretty, intelligent, moral and nice his wife is and some day the idea of marriage with Estonian woman comes into mind of his friends or family members who are not married yet. This works for Estonian women as self-advertisement.

There are many facts why Estonian brides are popular among Americans, Australians, Canadians and Germans. But the major facts we have called in our today’s article. One more “big” fact is in the ability of Estonian woman to be good housewife and mother. Estonian wife takes care of the family, including husband and kids. Family is important for raised in Christian tradition Estonian girl and that is why wife from Estonia becomes a subject of dreams for foreign man. Read also: Estonian girls marry foreigners

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