Why Brazilian women are popular as brides among Americans?

There is popular myth that Brazilian women let themselves what most women do not do on the first date and that is why they attract many Americans who would like to check whether this is true or not. Going a little further I will disappoint you as this statement is not what the reality is. But people who are looking for one day fun and people who are looking for serious life time relations are different people with different aims. So, Americans who are looking for Brazilian wives are not looking for accessible women as we clarified; why then Brazilian girls are popular as American wives? The reason is clear – because they have many features that satisfy American man in marriage and these we are going to discuss today.

Actually, there are many differences between Americans and Brazilians, so when they create a family it seems like something not common, but there are many couples existing, where wife is Brazilian and husband in American. What attracts these different people to each other? Americans are attracted by Latin temperament, hot Latina appearance, feminine attitude of Brazilian women towards family and their concentration on rather traditional view on the family. Americans also like that family concentrated woman does not mean kids-only concentrated woman in case of Brazilian wife. Being a couple is something big in Brazil and it does not change after the children were born and the focus of attention is not between mother and child, but between both parents and child, where attention share is equal. Brazilian brides are also popular among Americans because Brazilian girls were raised to do the girl things and even though this is changing within new generations, this still makes huge part of Brazilian women non feministic and non-emancipated.

Why Brazilian women are not good brides for Americans? This is even more clear due to cultural differences. Many Americans choose overseas wife not only because of her beauty, but also because of the ability to be a good housewife. Brazilian women could not be considered a good caring housewives and here they lose competition to many European women like Ukrainian or Serbian, who are not only pretty, but great housewives as well. Read also: First date with Brazilian girl – tips to know

Cultural differences between Americans and Brazilians lie in different spheres and this all affects common relations and the ability of the couple to be happily together. Differences could be divided into spheres. Religious differences are important as Brazilian woman usually has Catholic upbringing, according to which she visits church on Sundays and often demands her husband to visit church with her as well. Brazilian women consider future life after marriage with continuation of close communication with bride’s parents and close relatives, visiting them on the weekends for barbeque and family suppers. Very important is cultural difference in character between Brazilians and Americans. Brazilian women are known to be Latina emotional and they can make up a scandal quickly like a tornado out of nowhere and then this “tornado” quickly fades away as it was ok. Such sharp reactions and emotional instability might be harmful to relations with American man who is more used to stability, prediction and having less stress at all.

Cultural differences in many aspects may become a source of constant stress for American man and he would not agree for such a common life, but not every American man is gentle and soft and many will find such emotional wife just perfect.

One more quality of Brazilian wife which average American would not like is division of classes in Brazil. Even that this issue is no so vivid nowadays, the impact of slavery still sometimes speaks for itself. People who do usual service jobs are considered kind of “lower” than those who work in offices or have their own business. So, attitude of your Brazilian wife to many things also greatly depends what family your Brazilian wife comes from. If she is from rich family she is used to people serve her and would never do house work and stuff. She would prefer to be in charge of some branch in the company or have a job according to her University education or would choose to sit at home, but not being a housewife – she would demand to have housekeeper, cleaning lady and nanny for kids. If your Brazilian wife comes from poor family, she would be thankful for life to have an opportunity to change her life for better, but it doesn’t mean you were the guy whom she was looking for whole her life. Everything depends on the situation and mutual contact –remember about religion here.

One more obstacle which is not that huge, but it happens on the way of mutual happiness between American man and Brazilian woman is that Brazilian women expect of gentleman attitude from man where ladies first is normal and opening a door in the car is needed and American man was upbringing in the society where women not only declare their equality, but even such gentleman attitude could be considered as violation of woman’s rights and showing disrespect by considering woman weaker than man. Such an attitude patterns could not be changed fast and if they are, than Brazilian woman feels happy.

As always, I ask you not to generalize and repeat once more every woman is different, unique and your experience with Brazilian woman could be very different from experience of other men. Here we just share popular observations and general opinions that pretend to be rather subjective and might not correlate with what you know and what you see. Anyways, if your experience is different, please, share it in the comments below and I believe it would be greatly appreciated by readers.

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  1. Kate says:

    Yes, we are the worst women for you foreigners to marry. Find women from your countries and forget us. Do not came to do sex tourism here in Brazil, nor participate in the industry of sexual explotation of poor children here.

    • ukrnetia_871skv says:

      I agree, no one should travel to particular country just with the aim “to find love”, it all should be made naturally. For example if the guy meets girl he likes and wants to get her attention he has to try it hard and if the girl answers him with her mutual interest then they might have a chance as a couple. For me this is the only one descent way to build up healthy relationship.

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