Why Bolivian woman could be a perfect wife for American?

For those American men who still didn’t lost their trust in the human society and are still in hope to build strong happy family based on family values and love Bolivian women could be just perfect candidates. Little later you will see why. It is not going about typical situation where some American men who are unable to find soul mate in the U.S. leave the country for the search of overseas beauties with an attempt to exchange their dollars into real relations. It is more about descent American men who have descent job, have good social status, friends, visit different places and have pretty active life, but for some reason American women do not satisfy them as candidates for possible bride. How come? Here we can speak about changes in the outlook of American women which made its great impact on the traditional understanding of the happy American cornflake family from the commercial. Emancipating movements, feminism and career first along with competition for primacy with men has made the influence and now many American men who were raised in traditional family and have traditional family outlook cannot find proper girl with whom they could have strong long lasting relations leading to the marriage in the future. I’m not saying it is impossible for American man to find American soul mate or that American women are doing wrong, no! Of course, this opinion is rather subjective, but it has a grain of truth and the fact that it became harder to create traditional family in America is vivid and as the way out much descent American men are looking for wife abroad, for example, in Bolivia. What is so good about Bolivian women they attract American men who are eager to take them for wives?

In vast majority European looking Bolivian women who have Spanish and other European roots are very pretty. Beauty is very important, but in case with Bolivian women this is not a key factor why American men choose them for wives. The key is in the attitude of Bolivian women to the family, in the way they were upbringing and how they see their future. Family is the most important thing to Bolivian woman and every girl since school and childhood dreams to have happy family. Career first thing is something remote and unknown to Bolivian woman. Her goals are different than goals of most of American women and that what has coherence with what American men are looking for. Bolivian society has strong domination of men and girls are raised to become a housewives and housekeepers. They are grown in such atmosphere; they take examples of their mothers as behavior model for themselves and being housewife, doing house duties is ok with Bolivian women; they enjoy the process as this is what they like. But not being a housewife is a prominent thing which attracts Americans in Bolivian women. The main is attitude of Bolivian women to their husband, children and family in general. Read also: If you want to have a date in Bolivia, where to start?

Bolivian wife knows how to keep warm atmosphere at home. She is ready to do her best to be romantic wife, good housewife and caring mother. Sometimes many foreigners wonder how Bolivian woman can hold so many different duties, home businesses and is always active and has time to be romantic. The key is that she likes it to be such a way as that is what she pleasantly expected and how she was raised.

Bolivian woman could become perfect wife for American man because she can fulfill all his dreams about traditional family, where wife is the holder of so called “family fire” and reliable rear. She is never complaining about equal rights and division of duties in the house. Most of obligations on children upbringing are also lying on the thin shoulders of Bolivian woman and she is ready and eager to do them. If you, as the husband, show your Bolivian wife respect, tenderness and care, she would appreciate that with enormous sincere happiness which you will see in her bright eyes. Man’s attitude towards women in Bolivia leaves much to be desired and if she is perfect wife for you, American man, don’t treat your woman like she “should be always thankful” to you for American citizenship, ticket to better life or whatever you call it. Remember that along with it you probably gained much more from her than she got from you. Remain a human being is always important and showing supremacy is the worst thing could ever happen, especially considering demonstration of it to your wife. Unfortunately, we are writing this, because there are cases where such things happen with Bolivian women in the USA and other countries. Many Americans who had already been married to Bolivian women admitted that this is the best thing that happened with them in the entire life. Read also: First date with Bolivian girl – what to do, how to behave, what is better not to do

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