Why Bolivia seems inhospitable?

Maybe it would be surprise for you to find out that in Bolivia and some other Latin American countries when the girl accepts at least a sip of alcohol offered in bar by a man seen it is considered as unconditional consent to intimacy. In the rest of civilized world offer to drink is just a chance to start conversation, to talk, to meet with someone and later – it depends on the situation. In Bolivia it is kind of a promise, and that sharp drop is called “cultural difference.” If you are foreign woman in Bolivia and you got into situation when you accepted the drink and don’t know what to do with frankly brazen encroachments, just hold an open hand at the center of man’s chest – the standard polite refusal gesture for Latin American men who just climb to kiss you in the first minute of dating.

One more tip for American or European women who visit Bolivia if you still ask: What are Bolivian men like? I can’t say about all Bolivian men, but be aware if you refused on wooing of the caballero – he may start throwing rocks at you. One woman from Europe told such story and when she went to the local Police office they said throwing rocks is normal reaction of drunken man. Probably, Bolivian motto “Unity gives the power” or “In Unity the Power is” works here very obviously. There are many inadequate men in Bolivia and mostly because many of them drink a lot and therefore you see their behavior. One tourist told about drunken guide who drove a car and they got into accident; nothing too serious, but accept for the drunken driver no one from among passing cars stopped to help. Read also: Why I am so happy dating with Bolivian girl?

To many people Bolivia would not seem hospitable country at all. Planning to visit it in search of girl you better visit big cities, because rural Bolivia asks for better. Why Bolivia is not hospitable? Many people say they had to pay $50 for 30 days in the country even if according to the law they can stay in the country for 90 days. There toilets are just horrible, but almost all are paid and if you have no money you will still have to pay great fee if you “do it” in inappropriate place. There are many rude salesmen, many drunken people and people who would like to full you for money. As for me it does not even smell hospitality in Bolivia. As for me, when Bolivians see foreigner they see ATM with legs and you need a shirt or sign on your body where “ATM” is written. I might assume, the same is with girls here. If you came to Bolivia in search of girl, you probably will find one but very much possible she will use you for money.

What about local bars in Bolivian towns? Their legendary (and often the only) drink consists of spiritus, hot water and lemon; there is also the worst mix of posters on the walls like pop and rock stars to gather along with dirty walls and pictures of nature.

To be right till the end must say you came to Bolivia not to see the sights. If you came here to find a girl and use your money for this, why Bolivians have to be hospitable? You use them and they use you. It is pity for those tourists who visit the country to see what is really going on here, to see the sights and memorable landscapes; they also face such ignorant attitude where they feel they want to be used.

Why is it all that bad in Bolivia? Is it that bad? Why those people think it is normal to ask girl for sex just buying her a drink? Ok, but that is position of average western woman who came here as tourist and what western men often do when they come to Bolivia? Right, they are trying “to buy” Bolivian women so why Bolivian men can’t “buy” western women? (or at least to try, and not for money but more romantic – for a drink?). Sometimes we are too moral about ourselves, but immoral about others and we have to speak that truth out loudly.

Many westerners think Bolivians have no respect to people from other cultures and only want to use them as wallets, because they do not respect themselves. Maybe Bolivians have not much respect because it all depends on the culture and being descendants of Inks and Spanish colonizers they have mixture of holidays and crazy mixture I call the pagan Christianity. If there is no culture, there is no respect.

But what about us? What about westerners? We think we are civilized and we bring culture to undeveloped, poor and remote countries? I doubt that. Maybe volunteers only. The rest westerners just show disrespect, visiting the country in search for women. This is the same as to buy clothes on the market. And what morality we speak about? How can we judge Bolivians if we are deeply immoral ourselves? The answers is: we can’t.

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