Why Belarusians do not use condoms

Nobody teaches Belarus men to carry condoms with him all the time. I do not know how in the world with statistics, but Belarus clearly in first place in dangerous games. Maybe blame echo of the war, but the Belarusian mother still not used to enclose the high school sons with condoms in the pocket. To enjoy life and, especially, to have sex with condom Belarusians considered frankly obscene. As a result, the sons of the homeland to the most gray hair do not know either how to approach women, nor how to handle himself.

Look into the eyes of focused Belarusian man, who reveals cellophane contraceptives from the packaging. It seems that Freddie Mercury, dying of AIDS, sweeps in his minds. Colorful pack, theoretically created for love and fun, pick up from the bottom of men’s souls to the surface all the nightmares that last twenty years shaking the world: abortion, syphilis, broken destiny. Flexible latex in bright candy wrappers give Belarusians hints that hell exists. Whatever may be the romantic setting, no matter how many days, hours or minutes passed with no acquaintances, paddle on the forehead is the question: “Listen, what about without condom. I’m not sure I’ll be good with it.”

If I were in the shoes of British scientist, I would left laboratory mice and led the relationship between intelligence of a men and the ability to come to a happy ending using a condom. Smarter than the guy is, more likely to take control of the interference he is theoretically, unless of course he is not in the captivity of gender tensions. And put rubber product on a young animal, it will lose touch with nature, it will be bent in captivity. On the other hand, maybe it’s a youthful protest? Some also buy things to do in the African jungle and walk with bare hands on the lion. Other have scar across the belly from falling off the roof onto the valve! Who cares about Veneral diseases.

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It seems that Belarusians live in an “innocent” country. Fear of condoms tied to natural fear of sex, which in its pure form is associated with the notion of floss. Belarusian sex is a rare entertainment for family life or a permanent relationship. Most worryingly, when the relationship has not yet started, and the man is already beginning to pray for the salvation of drowning, telling stories about how yesterday he had a constant girl who eloped with a Turk, and if we do not take into account two whores with whom fate has brought him in the club, he is pure as a child.

Personally, I think every man, who dare to go over to the side of promiscuity must first pump a couple of gigs of excellent porn, buy seven different packages of condoms, it does not matter, Fluorescent, strawberry or speckled, and empirically identify the only friend, and then go to the bar whip cocktails and smiling to pretty women.

Yes, men are justified by the fact that condoms prevent getting used to women as the only one to begin to trust each other and get a cat. And you take it and start getting used to rubber first! Learn how to wear the right model. It’s not the shoes that are too tight all day, and only when they are taken off, you feel happy. But no, we better die of a stroke and overeating, but will not learn to keep the brand, and not put a pack of suitable condoms in the pocket. Even in Belarusian villages problem of sex without commitment at least once a year was solved in Kupala night, but after arrival in the city, men and women finally lost the remnants of the traditions of fun. Instead Belarusians have parades, telly, the fake folklore and folk fair with live fish. When Belarusian men would understand that condoms are not evil, but an excellent remedy for hangovers and depression?

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