Why Belarusian men look so bad

They do not have time corny. It is difficult for man to find 2 hours to visit beautician. They have another tradition in the west, like a siesta. Italians know that in broad of daylight there are times when you need to give yourself a pleasure and have some free time. They do not have a siesta, only night of the meeting, dining and partying, “- says workers Minsk beauty salons and beauty consultants. The quantity of women in Belarus has to be decreased. If there was a struggle for a woman, as in nature, then Belarusian men would care for themselves and make some physical trainings to their beer bellies. And for now only women in Belarus try to look beautiful. And what is most important, every Belarus man considers himself a prince. His belly is far under the belt close to the floor, and he says: “And I like the younger blondes”.

Belarusian women think they are beautiful women without Belarusian men. They are self-sufficient, they earn for themselves for a living and vacation, it is easier to give up on men, than to feed husband, who lies on the couch scratching his private parts.

They are lazy. They are rogue just because lazy. They got accustomed their wife do all the work. One Belarusian girl told us she has a neighbor who asked her two weeks ago: “Can you cook?” The answer was “No”. He says: “And what about your man?” “He cooks for himself” – says. Neighbor answer was – “If you were my girl, you’d cook for me for sure!” You’re a beggar, you have nothing! You first provide me with money, so I bought the products. And now I go to work, then prepare food for the family and take care for children? Or take the bus going in the morning, sit next to a girl she smells good parfumes. Sit down next to Belarusian man well, better no comments. And there are many such examples.

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Some women from Belarus think Belarusian man is a single individual. They’re completely helpless, amebic. Unless woman posess him, he would sit blinking his eyes doing nothing. If you do not tell him to do this and that, he will remain lying on the couch! Belarus man have nothing to fight for, they have nothing to conquer. They are certain to be caught.

Some Belarus women blame Hitler for the situation with men today. They think Hitler killed most of strong man in Belarus, because the best Belarus men were fighting during WWII, and then Stalin destroyed all smart men. Compare Belarus gene pool with the same of Western Europe, which surrendered in a few days. European men are even taller. “My grandmother after the war gave rise to a whole family. I have eight nephews, one girl and seven boys. If Belarus will face shortage of women, men will not go to beauty salons, they would stand under the windows and fight! My favorite wish is that all young girls, our daughters, with the numerical superiority of men were lucky when they grow up.” – says Svetlana, Belarusian cosmetologist.

Some woman in Belarus think it all depends on the woman who is near the man. There is an example, how one Belarusian girl bare three children and blurred. She entirely does not care for herself. Her husband makes a manicure for himself and she does not. Everyone knows that he has relations with other women. She thinks that three children is enough. In fact, the Belarusian men do not need salons. Enough for them is to be neat. So, if you are an American going to marry a woman from Belarus, Minsk or any other city, you have great chances. Your pluses are good attitude to woman, your appearance and, of course, your income.

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