Why are Bulgarian brides so popular

If you are looking for Bulgarian bride you are naturally interested why are they so popular and that is one of the reasons why you have visited this website. If you wonder why are Bulgarian brides so popular, there are reasons and maybe one of them you are going to marry Bulgarian women soon or not soon or just dream about such marriage. I will not open the secret that every man wants to have beautiful wife. All other values of the woman are on the second plan. Beauty in most cases plays the main role in choosing partner for life. Maybe it is not the best feature by which man should choose and it causes a lot of problems in the future, but it is our nature and what can we do about it? If we talk about beauty, Bulgarian women claim no competition. But along with the beauty man also tries to get other positive qualities of Bulgarian woman that are even more important in the marriage. Those are kindness, ability to help in the hardest moment, being good housekeeper, being good cooker and being caring mother. This “bonus” average aged American man gets in addition to real beauty. What elese he can dream about, if at home it is almost impossible for him to find young lady to marry, I am not even talking about beautiful young lady, and here in Bulgaria he has a great chance for his dreams come true.

Is it true that every Bulgarian girl just dreams about marriage with American husband and is ready to jump on the first American she meets? Althoug Bulgaria is poor country in comparison to western countries, they have much lower prices inside of the country. Bulgarian girls are known by their morality and dignity and many of them work hard.

Many Bulgarian women work abroad in Great Britain and other western countries but after coming back home they preffer to marru Bulgarian man. They also have strong ties with the family and keep on to the family traditions. the same with religion. I can’t say they are too religious and prescript to canonical church rules, but they preffer their husband to be of the same faith.

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There is other half of Bulgarian women who are looking for rich man and try to become his wife in any way. Those women do not care if a man is Bulgarian, British or American, he has to be rich and then he is ideal partner. Such women usually use husbands money for their own needs, they live luxurious life and are bad housewifes, not caring mothers and may even ask husband for divorce, taking part of his wealth. Those ladies do not work, they only know how to spend money in expensive boutiques and restaurants. They also look for lover aside and care only of their personal enjoynment.

There is naive type of Bulgarian girls, usually they have rural origin and did not see anything except for farm and village. They have seen life overseas only on the TV and suppose foreign man is a prince who would take her to better life. Such a girl after marriage with American, if they move to the US, could not find work and sits at home for days. Husband understands this, but subconcsiously he had expected something other from this marriage and as the result gets mad. At this points scandals become more and more often. Wife could not move back to Bulgaria even if she had money, because she does not know the city and speaks poor English.

The last type of brides I describe in this article might happen on your way as well and you are real lucky if it happens. This type is independent Bulgarian woman who is not looking for American or other foreign husband on purpose. It is a woman you meet somewhere on the street, in the store or on the beach. She has a job, lives her own life and has her own plans. If she likes to spend time with you and communicate, it means you are interesting to her as a person. And other things like close relations, dating and living together might be the next step. Money does not matter here and it is good if you have a lot of money, but not a tragedy you are average worker with average salary. She evaluates your personal qualities as behavior, sense of humor, ability to protect her if needed, your power of will and your appearance, your style of life and wiev on life in general. That is the best woman you could ever find and if you have found her already, no douts, marry her if she agrees or other, more intelligent man, would use your chance instead of you.

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