Why Americans like to choose Latvian girls for wives or girlfriends?

As for now, life gives us a lot of challenges every day. We act, we do, we work, we challenge. Sometimes it reminds racing where there is no end, no finish. We struggle everyday routine and we are forced to do more. We are forced at school, at home, at work. We rarely have time for self education and for opening something new, because we either have no time or just way too tired. Look at the announcement of work where it is written – we offer challenging work with full of goals in temperate atmosphere. And what if I don’t need any challenging job? What if I am tired of that? If to rephrase the announcement would sound like: we offer you really stressful work, where you will have to work under the pressure of time and will have to deal with deadline, so live in stress and this work would not be rewarded properly, you will have no time for family and you, instead you will have probably depression, need of psychologist and stress, stress, stress… You will say – what common this all has with Latvian women? I will explain.

To rephrase in short all written in the first paragraph, modern man is tired of everyday stress. He has no time to renew his nervous system as he lives in everyday pressure under the burden of compulsories and obligations called loans, credits, earning money, raising children in some cases. Life of such average man is usually pointless and has one aim – to survive till Friday and visit a bar for a drink, maybe spontaneous sex and so on. And how the life should be? Explanation would be on the example of Latvian woman. If at the end of the hard working day pretty woman meets you on the doorstep, smiling and asking for dinner she prepared herself. During dinner she will ask you how are you, how was the day and listening to your problems she would give you some good advice. The man feels he is needed and his wife cares of him. What could be better? In the evening he will have passionate night in bed. All that is possible with Latvian wife. Read also: Why Latvian woman is popular candidate for international wife

It is great to have such stimulus and support as Latvian woman, no matter whether she is wife, girlfriend or beloved woman who lives with you. Such a man has the aim in his life, no matter even if they live without kids. And if in the future they both have to raise children it would be fully organized and original family based on the institutions of traditional family.

Latvian woman is the main “builder” within international family. She tries to give support and rule the life in the family, but ruling slightly, without showing her prior status in the family, without pretending to be the head in the family. It is rather rare in average American family, where equality of duties and rights sometimes brings to absurd and if not, the man does not feel stability and in the family and loses his historical role of head, getter and so on. Man becomes more feminine, women becomes more masculine, doing men’s duties and as the result we see imbalanced society where husband is not happy with his family life, where husband does not want to come back home, where friends, drinks, bars or lovers substitute the man real family and aim of his life to live in harmony.

Latvian wife has possibility to help man to open his real potential in natural way through family life. If it was formed for centuries during human history and got changed in the middle of 20th century, the nature wants to get everything back on right places and through disaffection and irritation of men it shows something is not right. That is why human being reacts by desire of American man to find balance by marriage with Latvian, Lithuanian or Ukrainian woman. To find balance in family and in his own life, to have reason to wake up in the morning and go working the next day with enthusiasm full of power and passion.

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