Whom foreigners are looking for wife? Belle? Clever? Or shy?

Such question is asked by women when they first come to the international dating sites. This is a question often asked by women after several months of searching, when the time spent, the hope of a quick fortune is broken and still no one is found. But if you are Russian woman, who is looking for overseas fiancé you should not despair at the first failure. Try to get as much information about what foreigners think about Russian women. Perhaps somewhere you made a mistake. Maybe you just perfectly fit to the arguments drawn under the stereotype of Russian women, which is replicated in many foreign media. Draw conclusions and start again.

Of course, every man hopes to find beautiful girl. Fortunately, different men have different idea of beauty. But it is necessary to present yourself in the best perspective on the winning photos. Do not send a photo that was made a decade ago. If your relationship will start develop, you will have to meet some day and what would be your man’s frustration? At any age you can make a good photo that will make you younger, but retain the charm of the experience of life in your eyes. But such pictures only upscale photographer is able to make. Do not spare money for a good photo.

Most men dream to find a prude. No matter how furiously feminists fought against machismo, it still exists. Typical man is convinced that women lag behind men in mind and independence, even if he never says it out loud. Do not disappoint him. A man can be scared of your deep knowledge of world literature, your ability to repair household appliances and a stunning ability to dance the rumba. Men prefer to be the best in everything. If he wants to feel as superior, play coy and gray mouse.

But do not forget that there are men who are looking for exactly clever woman. You must first understand what this particular man needs. If man is looking for clever, you can demonstrate your success in career, to talk about your achievements. But it is always necessary to emphasize that the main thing for you is the dream of a great love, family and cozy family nest. If you write that you have your own apartment, you drive fancy car and spend a vacation in the Canary Islands, of course he would have a question, where did you get all this money and how to provide such wife with all she would need and want?

Among many ads on the internet dating sites men often choose those, which state that the girl has an optimistic outlook on life. This is a very important point. Whiners and wretches are everywhere. Aching woman are in any country. So why should a Frenchman or an Englishman go search for the same nagging wife in another country? No one likes to be seen as a sponsor. A man wants to be loved for his virtues, but not for the contents of his wallet. And some men pretend to be poorer than they actually are. If in the second letter you will begin to find out his annual income or the number of shares you can say goodbye to that man. But there is another chance that your pen friend is a crook. If he writes that he has a villa in Hawaii and immediately promised to give you an Aston Martin, you need to run aimlessly from him.

Russian women often make the mistake, when it comes to talk with foreigner about sex. Many men start this conversation with the second or third letter, or on Skype, because it is very important for them (and do not just consider them perverts). And this is where many of Russian girls go to extremes either, in order to show how relaxed and enlightened in this matter they are, willing to take up the subject and talk about a bunch of details or just taking offended look, saying they do not talk to strangers about such intimate things and here from this moment relations are the cut off. The first model of behavior and the second one are wrong. In the first case, a man may decide that you are licentious and promiscuous and he was not looking for such woman to play the role of wife and mother of his children. In the second case he might think a prude and a puritan is in front of him and normal sex life with her will remain a dream only.

Here, as in any other issue, middle ground is important. If you do not want to scare off a man who spoke to you about sex neither with promiscuity, nor with Puritanism, maintain a conversation at first, tell that you think this aspect of personal life is very important, but do not go for more detailed discussion. Say that in such cases you normally are ok with this topic, but to continue such conversations you need to know the person well and have closer and trusting relationship.

Who foreign grooms are looking for? Every man hopes to find his special woman who is not like the others. So think about what you can surprise him with; how are you different from the thousands of pretenders on marriage agencies sites. Just be careful with extreme. But the most important is you’re sure to find your man, if you are persistent and purposeful. You just have to believe in yourself and work hard on it.

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