Which type of man Lithuanian woman would never start dating

If you have found Lithuanian woman who is your candidate for wooing we propose you to act vise verse or saying the same in one phrase – act taking into consideration what Lithuanian women don’t like and which types of men Lithuanian women don’t like so not to make such a vivid mistakes. Our aim is NOT to teach your something, we just want you to learn some tips about Lithuanian women which might help you to build up new relations.

If you are thinking about to start serious relations with Lithuanian girl you have to mind your appearance. This means to wear your favorite casual clothes you like, but to pay attention that this clothes remain clean. You also have to control your look: be the man, but be the man with your own style. If you have beard – take care of it; if you prefer to shave – be shaven in time. Use descent perfumes and just take wise care of your appearance in general. Do not exaggerate because over care will also frighten Lithuanian girl, she might think you are too selfish and too arrogant – such a Narcissi who loves only himself.

Lithuanian girls don’t like greedy guys. Women like to control their own income and income of the family, they like to plan their budget, and, by the way, there are greedy women as well (not men only), but when the border between wise economy and greediness is crossed, serious problems are about to start. If on the first date with Lithuanian girl man would not go to the restaurant, because it is expensive, if he would not buy an ice cream during the walk under hot sun on the beach because it is expensive and downtown ice cream is cheaper, than this date is probably the last one with this girl.

As every normal woman Lithuanian women do not like liars. Take that into consideration and never lie in any case. Lies also are different and ‘decorating’ yourself with things and achievements you don’t have (or you only dream to have in the future) is also a lie. Within some time when the truth will come out it would have much worse circumstances than if you would tell the truth. You don’t have to tell you earn $7000 dollars per months if you earn $2000. Be yourself, otherwise you will lost confidence and this is the worst thing which can happen with man. Non-confident man fails in the eyes of Lithuanian girl and loses all his points almost immediately. Losing self-confidence means losing control over the situation and women from Lithuania love when man is in charge controlling the situation (even if they don’t show it directly). Being yourself means to feel comfortable and interest woman for what you are. She likes you as you are what can be better?

There is one more type which descent Lithuanian girls don’t like. These type are such a tycoons who probably accidentally got their capitalization and show up with money everywhere, trying to emphasize their importance by throwing Euros in front of everywhere. These guys have expensive cars, villas and yachts, but not many descent women could live with them for permanent stay.

Lithuanian women do not like nerds. Boring talks about science or philosophical talks about sense of life does not attract most of Lithuanian girls. In addition very often such nerdy boys expect to find caring mother type girlfriend, but the girl is looking for the man, but not for mother’s son.

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