Which men Serbian girls would never pay attention at?

Women will easily like you if you have a sense of humor and a nice smile, but they are just as easily disgusted if you have unpleasant traits or habits. A couple of such shortcomings can be easily corrected, simply paying more attention to hygiene. Others, on the contrary, must be changed from the heart, by daily practicing. Practice does not make you perfect, but at least thanks to it you will at least become tolerant. Of course, unless you get real pleasure from being alone and missing a couple.

So, what Serbian women don’t like in men and which man Serbian girl would never pay attention at?

If you have greasy hair. Serbian women do not care that you’re a fan of grunge, that you poured a whole tube of gel on your hair or something else – the main thing is that the hair is greasy and it’s disgusting. Of course, some girls are not particularly selective, but even they will remember you as a “guy who forgot to wash his head.” She will forget your face, but dirty hair will remain in her memory for a long time. She will remember that vile feeling when she was tracing your sticky hair with her fingers and how hastily she threw the pillowcases into the washing machine after you left.

Stink. It does not matter where it comes from: mouth, armpits, panties – an unpleasant smell of any sort will disgust any Serbian girl. An unpleasant smell can be not only in your body, but also in your clothes and even in the place where you live. Especially bad if it smells bad in your car as then a woman will think not only that you’re slovenly, but very untidy in whole your life. Car is the demonstration of its owner.

Casanova type behavior. Even if you’re hot, like cayenne pepper, when your behavior shows that you know everything about women, you can say goodbye to your chances with Serbian girl. Usually women prefer more mundane and simple guys. They do not want to hear about the dozens of women you put in your bed, the hundreds of hearts you’ve broken and the fact that the waitress probably already wants you.

Hatred of animals. Do not sneer with every puppy you see on the street, just treat animals with love. Dudes who hate animals, most likely, hate people, too and Serbian women do not want to date with haters. Brutal treatment of animals is also a warning sign that you can kill a person, one in three. The other two are arson and night incontinence, which should also be avoided on the first date, if you do not want a woman to run away from you screaming.

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