Which men Icelandic girls would never pay attention at?

Icelandic women would never pay attention to man who is not interesting to them. It is going about the fact that women in Iceland are pretty much self-sufficient and they are interested in some benefits which partner could give them. If you are looking pretty bad and have no attraction you have no chances with Icelandic woman. But here you also should know if you met Icelandic girl who likes type of man who don’t really care of their appearance she might like you as brutal dirty punk type of guy, do you never know actually. The best way not to dis-attract Icelandic woman is not to behave artificial. Be yourself, keep to your own style.

Some Icelandic women don’t usually like men who are non-confident and need push and care. Although knowing that Icelandic women are sufficient and have competition with men for years, some Icelandic girls might like guys with weak character whom they could easily rule and control. So again, it is good option to behave your natural way and be yourself as Iceland is great country for every foreigner to find the girl for different types of relations without pretending, playing other roles and stuff like that.

Icelandic women would never pay attention to man who is sexist and does not respect equality of women and men. A man of traditional understanding of life where man is getter and woman (wife) is keeper of the household is totally unexpectedly in Iceland.

Icelandic women also don’t like boring men as it is not interesting to spend time with them.

If you are arrogant and selfish there are little chances Icelandic woman would pay attention to you. Or this attention could be of negative type and no chances to have some romance or future relations for you.

Actually, considering low population of the country Icelandic women greet almost every foreigner who brings the stream of fresh blood into their society; such welcoming of Icelandic women comes from genetically inherited instinct where women preferred foreigners for further procreation because of blood mixture which makes future progeny stronger. So there almost no changes Icelandic woman not like you if you are attractive foreigner with your own character and know how to behave correctly tolerant with Western women.

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