Which men Hungarian girls treat as losers and would not be serious about common future relations

All the men are different. Someone is proud to have athletic figure and someone is proud of his crazy behavior when being drunk. Because of there are many different types of men, there are women who like and dislike some of these types. It is very difficult topic to generalize, but still we will try to find out the second aspect – which men Hungarian women do not like and so, how is better not to behave if you want to interest Hungarian woman. Although, no one never ever had understood what women want and the same with what men they like, we will try to find out some general truth.

First what comes up into mind that Hungarian girls hate Non-initiative men. You know, this is going about men who are lazy, who do not like being active and prefer to lie on the couch all the daylong sipping beer and watching TV shows. Hungarian women are waiting for some kind of action from man. You should call her, propose her something, ask her to go somewhere, ask her to do something together. Even when you are talking on the phone you should rule the conversation, being the one who is initiative. Hungarian woman prefers to feel secured and by showing actions you seem to be reliable man whom she can trust.  Hungarian women could be initiative themselves, they can solve their problems and tasks of the family importance, but they are waiting for this from their man and if you are non-initiative you are losing chances to be with that girl.

Hungarian women hate meanie and greedy men. Most of Hungarian girls consider that greedy man is the most complicated option to be with. It does NOT mean man has to be wealthy and bring presents to his Hungarian girlfriend every day. It is the worst thing if you decided to save money instead of buying ice cream for your Hungarian girlfriend during a walk on summer day in the park. You have to understand that spending money for your girlfriend it is investment in your future.

Hungarian women hate inattentive and careless men. If you are one of them you have to work on yourself, unless you have not much chances to be with Hungarian girl. Being attentive to Hungarian woman means to listen to her. Even if it seems she is talking about something not important or weird. Very often Hungarian woman does not tell strictly what she means, but gives some hints and this is important to understand this hints. For example, of you are talking on the video chat and she tells you she is going to go to bed soon it means she wants to finish the conversation. It does not mean she lost interest in you or she does not like you anymore, it means that at the moment she is tired, she wants to process information or she has some very important things to do. Being attentive does not mean to irritate with your non-stop help proposals, being annoying because of calling her every second. Just keep the right balance, be attentive and understand what your Hungarian girl wants to tell you. Being attentive means to share her interests. If she likes riding a bike and you don’t, you should have common rides even if you don’t like riding bicycle otherwise one day she will find someone who would like and share interest with her.

Do not ignore your Hungarian woman by non-attentive attitude. I mean, when she is talking to you and you keep doing your business imitating you are listening to her. Such attitude is very offensive.

One more type of men Hungarian women can’t stand is liars. You should tell her truth in most cases as even a small lie would be treated by Hungarian woman as disrespect.

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