Which men Belarusian girls would like to have close relations with?

Which man Belarusian women choose today? What is the evolution of Belarusian sex symbol? Last time the industry of Belarusian cinema gave birth to the sex symbol in 1975, namely, the actor who played the role of a poodle Artemon and very Malvina by Tanya Protsenko in the Belarusian musical “The Adventures of Pinocchio.” Poodle Artemon was wanted by all Soviet puberty girls. Since then, sex consumer number increased and new characters in the Belarusian cinema did not appear. That’s why Johnny Depp is the sex symbol for the modern Belarusian woman. What about some Belarusian alternative?

In order to understand how Minsk sex symbol should look, we turn to the classics. In the understanding of most women retro sex symbol in the past was blue-eyed brunette with a hump on the nose, strength in the arms and hairy chest. Generally, if you find fault with the appearance, all male sex symbols have historically divided into two facial features either an image of the doll Ken, which include Elvis, Clark Gable, and even a young Brad Pitt and charismatic monster, poised on the brink of ugliness. Classic examples have hopelessly aged, but the idea is quite reflect: it is Mick Jagger and Celentano, male characters that make the most genteel maiden dream of brute force somewhere in the garage or field. They symbolize a walking sex: big mouth, cheeks, wrong person – that is quite non-typical for Belarus type of man, where the opportunity to drink water from his face falls rarely. The fate of the Belarusian classic male faces is to turn into a pancake with age.

Whether because Belarus is a strange country in terms of sex, where lack of men can call a sex symbol Lukashenko or Dmitry Karjakin, the singer of the band “Litesound”. But there are many awesome guys in the country. But they rarely get into television, and in fact the main criterion for a sex symbol is that everyone know you and then you become the most wanted. Here we gradually gets to Max Korzh, Belarus singer, popular not only in Belarus. He is from the category of those fine young men with whom every Belarusian girl wants to surrender to the minute bright passion, so then to sigh in her mature years, as Liz Taylor: “My God, twenty years ago, I married for such men, whom I would not invite to the evening meal today.”

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But let’s leave media characters and go a different path. Probably, the Belarusian society would long ago have died if not learned to find sex symbols in real life. Belarus has always quoted professions in which there were more sex than in others. Long before the advent of Celentano on the screens, Belarusian grandmothers would like explorers, pilots, archaeologists and mountain climbers. Since the first Soviet adventurers who, though, were at the civil service, but had a pretty interesting life. No less alluring male profession during the Soviet era was a corresponding member. What was this person in the service  no one will remember, but sex in his case went straight from work book. Moreover, it was not so important how men is in the profile: with or without a hump. In the Brezhnev era women went crazy from early Soviet careerists, such as diplomats. And the biggest luck was to drag into the bed a foreigner who appeared in Minsk very rarely.

But it was a market-based approach to sex, where not the man himself becomes a symbol, but imported clothes, brought by him from abroad. Poverty and a lack of mutilate sex not less than the abundance of goods and services, which do not leave room for the purity of fantasies.

Selfless sex characters of the 60s were bards: intelligent lyrics with guitars, who later transferred the sex baton to the first Soviet rock musicians. To have sex with Victor Tsoi in the kitchen in the late ’80s – that was the whole ideology and style of romance and changeable time. That is why the guitar has long been must have for any teenage boy, as it greatly accelerated puberty. In acidic zeros, guitar was not replaced by vinyl turntables at the same time all the girls wanted to sleep with DJs. During dashing 90-s, the sex symbols were currency dealers and gangsters. It was a gloomy rough sex, characterized by the same expression as that of the lifter at the gym with the presence of easy money and the constant risk of jail.  All these things transformed these guys in the local Rocco Siffredi.

Which man Belarusian women would like to have in their bed today? Times are changing, old sex symbols lose their hair and condition and their place is taken by others. Interesting, what are the common types of the profession and men who could be considered a symbol of sex in today’s Belarus? Does the vast majority of Belarusian girls would like to have relations with hipsters or programmers? Do they still imagine foreigner as sex symbol foreigner, who would bring fashion clothes from Milan as the present. Is it the same foreigner who travels to Minsk starting from late 80’s and he is full-fledged hero-lover? And here comes a stupor as it seems there is a problem with sex symbol in Belarusian society. There are all conditions in Minsk for him. There are clothing boutiques, car showrooms and even restaurants in the city, but it’s like the donut hole: there are conditions for sex symbol, but the symbol itself is absent, he does not exists. Why is that so? In fact, a woman lokes in the sex symbol not so much the shape of the nose, eye color or hairy legs. Woman is starting to have a desire for actions and real achievements of the man. The same Clark Gable got “Oscar”, the same polar went to the north, the pilot lifted into the sky steel bird and Soviet diplomat wrung the ram’s horn damn Iron Curtain.

Real and not virtual actions transform man into a sex symbol. It does not matter whether he won or took the top of the cavalry assaults a woman, but the action itself should be! No matter how smart or handsome Belarusian man was. A cynic and a whiner, who does not to raise the backside off the couch could never be a sex symbol for the vast majority of girls.

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