Which men Armenian women would never pay attention at?

Everyone is mistaken – it’s normal. But there are long-term mistakes which we keep repeating all the time, we repeat it constantly, over the years. But why? When people really love each other they can go through all the challenges of their lives. But it is desirable at the same time not to allow well obvious mistakes, which every person probably makes in the relationship, to happen. And the worst thing is that many men live with these mistakes, making them part of their relationship and part of their lives.

What makes Armenian women not pay attention at some men?

Unattractive appearance

Carelessly shaven, having extra fat, bad breath, lethargy is a gross mistakes by which men look unattractive in eyes of average Armenian woman. Armenian woman wants to see next to her not only a strong but also attractive man.

Inattention to the appearance of a woman

Armenian woman tries to look good for her man, so look at her carefully: she changes her hairstyle, hair color, buys new things and you look through her and do not notice anything. For women this is the same as for you to do a good repair with your own hands in the bedroom, and she just did not notice it. You should realize that it is only question of time when Armenian woman would stop paying attention to such a man as well. There surely would appear the man who would notice all her efforts, so be aware and make right conclusions.

Armenian women don’t like man without aim in his life

If you only live by the scheme work-home-work-house, then Armenian woman does not see potential in you. A man without potential is an old fart. And how old are you?


Actually, every woman likes it, but when it is going you lie your Armenian woman that she is pretty even if she got fat, very soon you will regret about your flattery. You have to be strict, but objective. Armenian women don’t like liars who cover themselves with flattery. So, don’t make yourself future problems by using this form of attention.

You do not help your Armenian woman to be beautiful

For Armenian woman her beauty is the same as your strength, money, status, car, career and self-respect for you. Beauty is very important to her and she needs to spend a lot of money on herself, you need to dress her, make her feel better and more beautiful. Ignoring this or regretting money on the girl is a stupid mistake in the relationship. This is not about wastefulness, but about normal attention!

Armenian women don’t like men who want to rule relationships

You can be the lord of everything, except for your relations. Armenian woman rules here. If she says it is necessary for relations, it is so. To argue with Armenian woman in such case is a mistake.

Men with soft character

Armenian women especially hate men with soft character. If you become softer in your relations, Armenian woman will naturally become harder. This fact will annoy you and she will cease to respect you. So do not forget that you are the man – you should be hard as a rock!

Stop in development

Armenian women like men who are developing all the time; developing personally and in their career, business, hobbies. As soon as you stop your development your Armenian woman immediately follows you! You want her to quit smoking – quit smoking first. You want her to learn some manners, learn some manners first. Armenian woman always follows her man and it all depends what path you choose to go.


If a man does not ask for advice from Armenian woman, then he loses her support. It is not necessary to involve a woman in all your man’s affairs, but you have to talk about it with her, to be interested in her opinion as it is very important to Armenian woman. Armenian women don’t like men who are ignorant to their opinion and so are ignorant to them.

Armenian woman chooses a man and not vice versa

If Armenian woman has chosen you it means she trusted you, gave her life to you; it means she gives you everything you need, tolerates you, forgives you for your sins, loves you, cares and tries to live for you. Forgetting about this is a crime and a fatal mistake in relations which would surely lead to break up with Armenian girl.

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