Which man Estonian girl would never date but would rather hate

By ‘dating’ here we mean long time dating, because girl could go for the first date or even for the second one, or longer, but men Estonian woman would rather not prolong long time relations with some types of the following men described.

If man is fan of something. Of course, some activity is great, especially when it is interesting hobby. Too much attention from your man is not good, because both – man and woman should have personal time for themselves. But if man’s hobby would take most of his time and if he would be focused most of the time on his hobby, telling his girlfriend about this all the time non-stop and if he would be absent at home choosing, for example, shooting movies in the forest for YouTube channel upload, the girl would leave him sooner or later for lack of attention from him.

Also Estonian women don’t like macho type, because they know that most of his time he would pay for searching new women and his temporary Estonian girlfriend is just one of many. Any woman would tolerate that. Also Estonian women don’t like men who would do every woman’s will. If man is caring, it’s ok, but if man pay too much attention he becomes not interesting for woman, because subconsciously Estonian woman needs strong man’s shoulder and prefers to be followed by him.

If you profession is closely connected with nonstop work and has unordered schedule you are mostly absent at home, often absent at home at night and it is hard to plan common vacation, rest and different pleasant activities for you both.

If you have bad habits, which change your life flow or lifestyle it would be great minus, so take it into consideration before serious dating with Estonian girl.

What else to add? How do you think, what is the worst quality of man according to average woman? Right, it is non-confidence. Non-confident man is catastrophe. Maybe he has many pros, he is very cute, romantic, rich, but lack of confidence does not let such a guy to rich his goals and success in life. Women like to be with successful men, who know what they want from life. Vast majority of Estonian women still prefer to be followed by strong man’s character because they feel secured in such a way. It does not only mean no have high income, to be rich etc. as most of men might think. It means to have aim, to struggle through difficulties, to have ups and downs, but keep moving closer and closer towards the goal. If you don’t have such quality, you have to learn to do it and you will have success with every woman, not only Estonian, otherwise you most likely will fail and feel disappointed.

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