Which man Bolivian girl would never date with (guide how NOT to behave)

Many American men who visit Bolivia have such overlook that if they are visiting poor country of Latin America all the girls here are in deep material need and because of that they would go with every American guy because he has money. It implies to all types of possible time spending with Bolivian girl – from just hanging out together spending time at local disco bars, restaurants, cafés where American should pay for everything because the girl just has no money and with hope for one night stand to prolonged relations like serious dating. Of course, most of the girls in Bolivia are not like that; yes, most of them are quite poor, but they have own dignity and are moral girls who prefer serious relations and are way more family oriented than most of the women you knew before. Such superior behavior of many Americans who visit Bolivia irritates local girls and if you will try to buy her attention that is not going to work. Such types of guys have no chances to communicate with descent Bolivian girl and we can not even speak about dating. Demonstrating your material superiority would only attract different types of gold diggers and scammers or… cheap sluts at the best option but never descent girl.

Not much chances to be with Bolivian girl have guys who do not speak Spanish. Still most of Bolivian girls hardly speak descent or any English so that would be a challenge for Bolivian girl to try to communicate with the guy who does not speak her language. If to talk about spontaneous meeting in local bar than there are no problems, but when we are talking about serious relations with local Bolivian girl where she does not speak English and you do not speak Spanish she would resign faster than some of you would learn the language of the other part.

Greedy man is almost taboo for Bolivian girl. She doesn’t expect you to buy her presents, expensive things or iPhone. She just needs your attention. So, do not be greedy for emotions – both positive and sometimes negative, make your woman feel alive. As for being greedy in material aspects this is totally unbearable for Bolivian girl. She would never tolerate if you buy mineral water instead of orange juice because it is cheaper or if you will make her some notices because she has bought herself expensive chocolate bar. There is life example when Bolivian girl left her American boyfriend who was mad when she has bought frozen fries to prepare at home and he told she would consume too much sunflower oil for frying that.

Man who is non-confident is a real nightmare for Bolivian woman. The thing is that even though Bolivian women possess hot Latina temperament, often make scandals and seem to be always in charge – in reality are pretty obedient and need strong man’s shoulder. Their sphere of influence is kitchen and house duties where she is real boss and the rest is up to man. Naturally, if man has weak character the girl feels herself not in her place and she would rather not be with such a man.

These are only main features Bolivian women do not like in men, but it does not mean that Bolivian woman hundred percent will not be with you if you are one of the guys described above. This is only brief description but personal; try to learn on your own experience and unexpected solutions are the things that really rule the world so it is always reasonable trying to build relations with Bolivian girl no matter what character of man you are.

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