Which grooms are still better: Russians or foreigners?

Among the topics of greatest excitement of the readers are categories like: “Who is better: Russian guys or foreign.” Especially active in discussions are those whose experience is purely theoretical. Opinions are rather different: “All Russian men are unshaven, brutal and alcoholics” or “All foreigners are fags and miser”.

Who is more romantic? Russians are still surprised when the characters in American movies say “I love you” instead of “See you”. Russians have not taken much to dwell on feelings. Woman often has to guess herself that man loves her.

Sometimes as the expression of inner feelings Russian man may say “I love you, you stupid!” Although, this often happens when husband is drunken and wife is just about to divorce. Such love “confessions” are common for Russian pairs, who live together for long time.

It is even hard to say at first, who is more romantic: the guy who uses the word “honey” instead of your name all the time or the guy who is hiding his feelings and some day just pours all his love all at once, as you know it was hard to do for him, so doing that he has become winner in his little struggle with himself.

We could easily conclude that Russian women feel the lack of compliments and when they meet some tender foreigner whose idea is to conquer Russian girl by washing her in compliments, Russian girl melts like ice on the frying pan. She never got used to such warm attitude and for foreigner it is common to do so in everyday life. But it does not mean Russian men are cold and insensitive, it means that love of Russian man is hidden deep in his soul, but when he expresses this love, he is serious as anyone and these feelings are real.

Who will help more in everyday life: about the house or raising children? Many Russian women complain their husbands never help them about the house. Rare man in Russia would help his wife to clean up the house, do vacuum cleaning or wash the dishes; not saying about it was his own initiative. When Russian man comes back home after work, he is waiting for supper, prepared by his wife. He also wants his house was clean and his wife has to be always pretty. He never takes into consideration she also works and the same as him has just come home. Of course, not all Russian men are like that, but most of them are.

Russian men complain instead that women nowadays are not like that who were 20 years ago. The times are changing and women do not want to spend all their free time on the kitchen and cleaning the house just like their mothers were doing for whole their life. It’s very uncommon for average Russian man to help his wife on the kitchen and by the house, at the same time it has been norm of family life for many pairs on the West.

Who is sexier and more beautiful? Russian men are often associated with unshaven men and this is what makes them less sexual than foreigners. Though, many women adore men with beard and confess they are going crazy of such masculine males. Everyone has its own taste, let’s say. Western men watch their appearance more than Russians. They have much wider range of wardrobe, but in average men are about the same in bed. There many myths about sexuality of some men from some particular country. Some Russian women tell when they moved to live abroad, local men are not even close standing to their husbands, as Russian men is good in bed, earns money for the whole family, knows how to repair a car and can be a plumber and electrician at the house.

What is the attitude to cheating? Some Russian men are sure that to be considered “normal man” in the society, you have to pretend you have a lover, even if you actually do not have one. Older women in Russia are very upset when they get to know about husband’s cheating, but in order to save the family and in no hope to find better husband they do nothing. Foreigner, unlike Russian, would never tell his wife she has got old, got wrinkles or cellulite.

Most of foreigners whom Russian women choose as husband respect their wife and family. Of course, there are those among them who cheat, but it is very rare. Western men are afraid to cheat because divorce is expensive in their country and wife could take a good half of common wealth. In Russia man is almost never afraid of divorce as he earns most of money for the family, thus he wants family and wife follow his rules and wife afraid of divorce in order not to become a bum.

Attitude to money. Russian men are known as cheerful souls. They are rare greedy and may spend their salary to wife or friends. Man in Russia usually pays for everything, including restaurant, shopping, bills for electricity etc. Woman has the right to choose whether she would go to work or would do the house work and rise up children. As you see, everything in Russia is not that simple as it might seem at first sight. All the salary Russian man earned he brings to family. His wife knows about all his income. In Russia economical situation is hard, but if man got good job and earns well, he would b e very generous, making lots of presents to his wife and kids.

Is the reason that Russian women leave the country in men? Often Russian women marry not foreign man, but marry foreign country. They have to find some justification why they left Russia and tell that Russian men are alcoholics and beat women. Mostly it is not true. There are conflicts in families, but it is not common for Russian men to beat women, on the contrary, in Russia it is considered a great shame to punch woman. Of course, partially Russian men are guilty in losing their women. In Russia men rule in politics, men are in management positions and made life in the county unbearable to most normal people. That’s why nothing weird why most of women would like to leave the country. I would say more, most of Russian men would leave Russia for West, if Western women eagerly married Russian men.

To sum up, I would say geography and the country does not matter if people find real love. The main is “spark” between two people and then fire of love starts not caring about nationalities. But if there is no this “spark” any relations would finish with fiasco. Important fact that it is not correct to generalize and make stereotypes about all the nation if you have had bad or good experience with some representative of foreign country. Every person is unique and every case has individual peculiarities.

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