Where It Is Better To Look For Future Wife In Ukraine

Starting such a question the answer is vivid – in search of truly Ukrainian bride Ukraine is the best option to actually find your Ukrainian chosen one. Seems logical, but even if you are not very good in geography I must remind you Ukraine is quite big country – the biggest in Europe, except for European part of Russia. So… where to start looking for Ukrainian wife? What places in Ukraine are the best to meet your future wife? What Ukrainian cities the best Ukrainian brides live in? So many questions… It would be great to get some guide on finding Ukrainian wife, wouldn’t it be? You wish – you get! You are welcome to get some useful advices.

The whole Ukrainian territory could be generally divided into few main regions and women in these regions, as for me, have different “level of beauty” and different type of character and behavior. These are just my personal subjective observations, but they are coherent with observations of other Ukrainian men and foreigners. It is believed the more East in Ukraine you travel – the prettier women are, but at the same time they are less moral and are not really eager to play the role of descent wife, although they are obedient when it goes about man’s power so you have a chance to choose for yourself what you want.

Women of the Eastern Ukraine. As I have mentioned above they are quite pretty, some of them are very pretty, but the East of Ukraine could be also divided into few main regions. In Kharkiv, the biggest city of the region which has more than 1 million inhabitants, you may find lots of pretty and intelligent women. Kharkiv is University city, Educational city, has many new edge factories and it kind of forms elite of the city so the mentality of the girls here is different than in other towns and cities of the region. In this part of Ukraine the language of communication is Russian.

As for other cities of the region as Donetsk and Luhansk it is better to avoid trips there now. According to war on the East of Ukraine large part of territories here is occupied. A friend of mine who was working in Luhansk oblast at gas exploration and gas production told that in the villages near every guy of their team who wished to find lover girl in nearest village could easily do this and usually the best pretext was “a cup of tea” under which it was “covered” a bottle of vodka and usually chocolate.

One guy I know was married to the girl from Luhansk region. She seems to be ok, but I would not say she is pretty although she has very strong character and not very good manners. She is much more aggressive then her counterparts from Central Ukraine or Western Ukraine, as I see it in my subjective opinion. Her mother was drinking heavily and took money from her son-in-law “for business” but put it on vodka and then his mother already helped son with money to “cover the holes in budget” which mother-in-law has made possible.

I know two girls from Luhansk personally. They are sisters and both are pretty. They have big difference in age like 10 years gap and one is about 37 and the other one is about 25 or 26. They both are pretty, the older one is extremely pretty as I can tell and she is also very intelligent and is nice person to talk with and to spend time with. Her sister is very active and has choleric temperament. They are nice girls and for me they are the best representatives of Eastern Ukrainian type of girl.

Personally I have been to Donetsk in 2008 when I was a student, we had meeting with students of Eastern and Southern Ukraine and we spent time there with girls from Donetsk and Eastern Ukraine and I can tell after official part when we started partying and drinking vodka there were many accessible girls after. This is just my experience, but it was like that, but I prefer not making stereotypes and judge only on particular person.

Women on the East of Ukraine got used to the fact that man is getter. It was often here that man is a miner or works at the factory and earns much more than enough to provide the whole family – wife and few children with all needed, and often wife remained house sitter and cooked the dishes and did nothing. Such mothers gave examples to their daughters and many assume that the role of the woman is to serve man in bed, to feed him when he comes tired after work and to keep the house and laundry clean. A man was considered to be getter and supplier of the family and woman played different role. So looking for wife on East of Ukraine you have a chance to find obedient wife, not emancipated one, but often not very molar and sincere. East of Ukraine is not very religious place and morality and family values often are closely connected with traditional Christian upbringing, so it might be tough a little on the East of Ukraine with this.

Western Ukraine. Women who are originated from West of Ukraine usually look less associated with typical Slavs. Many of them have dark hair color, brown eyes and are pretty small. As for me, women in Central and Eastern Ukraine have more attractive appearance, but do not generalize – there are still lots of pretty women in Lviv, Rivne, Lutsk and other cities of Western Ukraine. As grandmothers and mothers here were religious even under communists, level of morality and family values here is much stronger (although it also depends and I call not to stereotype although I sometimes subconsciously do it myself) that in other parts of Ukraine. People here are more open to the world as they usually worked and travelled Europe a lot and this has made influence on local youth culture and behavior. Young girls of Western Ukraine are intelligent, many of them attend Universities, they have their own goals and achieving these goals.  Girls of Western Ukraine are more emancipated comparing to counterparts from Eastern Ukraine, but this is natural and wise emancipation which still keeps to family values but demands from husband to help about the house, to share duties and at the same time woman here has much more room for self development, for focusing on her own goals. Once again – not in every family and not everywhere, but this is my personal observation.

Western Ukraine has such region as Zakarpattya with its main cities as Uzhorod and Mukachevo. Many women here have Hungarian roots and get to know more about Hungarian women you may here.

Other cities of Western Ukraine are Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Khmelnytskyi – and those are big ones. Here you are welcome to get acquainted with different Ukrainian girls each of them would have something special from particular region she comes from.

Kyiv, the capital. In the capital of Ukraine Kyiv you will meet girls from different parts of Ukraine with different goals, look, appearance, ideas and so. Kyiv is like any big city in European country – with whole lots of versatile people. Girls from Kyiv I have met (these are girls who were born in Kyiv and lived here, not newcomers from the Province) are very ambitious, have many goals, very busy day schedule and self-development is their goal. Many of them take care about what they eat, about appearance as well as about body and soul – they visit gym, yoga classes, do meditation, retreats etc.

Central Ukraine. Such cities as Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Cherkassy – have mix of different pretty girls who remain memorable for you once you have seen them. There are no special advices to give about them. You liked the girl – you try to get acquainted with her and if you feel it is going well – then try to develop your relationships.

Village, Town or City? In Ukraine people pay very big attention where you came from – the big city or provincial rural area. Many of Ukrainians are proud they are from big cities as if they have some life bonuses and even if you are from small town it is considered better than to be from the village. Maybe this is due to the fact that villages in Ukraine often have very poor infrastructure, no or bad roads, people to survive provide natural domestic household, usually there are no tap water in the houses, especially if older people life in the house. This is a picture of far from the city Ukrainian village at the same time as Ukrainian cities look the same as any European city, although they are much worse renovated and so on. So, there is a great contrast between Ukrainian city and Ukrainian village, but what about girls?

Ukrainian village girls. I could divide them into three types. The first one is the girl who was upbringing in traditional family values where husband (father) is the head of the family and wife (mother) has to help him and do all the work about the house. Such girl is king, ready to help in any situation, is usually naïve. Such girl is ideal woman to create family with as she will take care of husband, expects to have children and shares traditional family values. Such girl is accustomed to do many physical work about the house and household, she usually has great figure and if you take this girl to spa and then to the stylist – you will be shocked as you get kind and naïve but extremely hot looking model girl who shares family values and dreams to have a family; she is not interested in building career and she does not to have to be on a diet to keep her figure slim and nice – she is hard worker in the village and that is enough. Actually, the described above type is great for wife, but there is another type of Ukrainian village girls.

Type #2 Ukrainian village girl is lazy girl, who does not have any goals in her life and never leaves her comfort zone. She is ok with everything she has. Mud, dirty dishes and “whatever be” lifestyle is ok for her. She does not work on herself, she does not care about what she eating and about her figure, but she likes to drink alcohol and does not like to watch TV where they show successful ladies or models. Such lazy Ukrainian village girl would say that model has too long nails to dig potatoes, but at the same time she would not do it herself, watching TV and gossiping. Such girls prefer to find a guy who will provide themselves and that’s it.

There is also #3 type of Ukrainian village girl who’s looking for rich city guy and her dream is only to get good marriage and move to the city as this is considered a great success in Ukraine if you moved from muddy village to the town or city and the bigger town is – the better. So, such village girls are usually good looking, take proper make up and even ready to have sex with town guy on the first date – in such a way they are trying to attract him coming and visiting her more often in hope for quick marriage. Such primitive strategy often works, especially when the girl is going to have a baby.

Ukrainian city girl. She is not different than her counterparts from West. She has her interests, goals and usually is choosing the way of self development. Future family is important for such type of girls, but before marriage they want to see the world, to travel, to find appropriate profession which suits. Such type of Ukrainian girls is great for girlfriend and future wife as you may find many interesting things to do together, you will not be bored and have room for common self-development the same as each of you will respect right for personal space. Such type of Ukrainian girl is personally for me the best candidate for wife, but many men choose other types. Personally, I choose interesting woman to have great time with in all aspects, but not just obedient housewife which would make me bored in two years of common life or less.

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