Where is better to conduct marriage for foreigner: in Russia or at home?

Marriage to a foreigner is possible both in Russia and in the country of residence of the foreigner. What’s better? According to, for example, Spanish lawyers, it is easier to marry in Spain itself as such marriage would be considered less suspicious in Spain. But if the marriage is registered in Russia, you just need to legalize it overseas.

How to register a marriage with a foreigner in the Russian registry office? What documents for registration of the marriage with a foreigner in the registry office, must the future spouses have?

There are certain requirements that need to be performed. In addition, it is necessary to collect some documents, and it is better tediously think about it in advance.

So here’s what you need to enter into marriage with a foreigner in the Russian registry office:

Documents Russian bride must have:

  1. Passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.
  2. Documents confirming the termination of previous marriages or death of previous spouse – if any; the certificate of divorce or death of a spouse. If the previous husband of Russian bride, was a foreigner, the documents must be legalized and provided with a notarized translation.

Documents foreigner-fiancé must have in the Russian registry office:

  1. The passport of a foreign citizen, with which he made his visit to Russia.
  2. Documents confirming the termination of previous marriages or death of previous spouse, if any.

This is an international certificate of divorce or the death of the former spouse of a foreigner (or a court decision on the recognition of a previous marriage of the groom invalid). Documents must be legalized according to special form (it can be specified at the consulate of the foreign state in Russia). Notarized translation is required for documents (special notaries are engaged in each city).

  1. Document that the alien is not married. Help is given by institutions of the country of nationality of the foreigner, or the embassy of his country in Russia. This certificate must also be legalized and have notarized translation.

Usually, on the latter two “problematic” questions foreigner can contact the consulate of his state in Russia. At the consulates often already worked out a system for issuing such certificates and documents for the marriage between foreigners and Russians in Russia.

In addition to these documents for registration of marriage with a foreigner in Russia is served registrar a joint statement, which lists all the data for each of the spouses (date of birth, residence, the names of the future spouses, etc.) and signatures.

Exactly where and how fast you can register a marriage with a foreigner in Russia? Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions:

  1. Marriage can be conducted (authorized) by any registry offices throughout Russia. Citizenship of persons who are married does not matter.
  2. The state duty for registration of marriage is now 200 rubles.
  3. The decision to change the last name has to be taken before an application to the registrar.
  4. Application for marriage registration shall be considered within 30 days. Speed up the registration of the marriage may be in the case of pregnancy, childbirth and other circumstances that need to be documented.
  5. The certificate of registration of marriage in Russia is issued in Russian. Legally, marriage is put in the passport of Russian citizens. The stamp of marriage is not put in the alien’s passport.
  6. Marriage certificate issued by the Russian authorities of the registrar has the power in foreign countries. But only on condition that the documents are legalized or apostilled. Apostille can be put in special registry offices, which are in Russian major cities only.

What to do with the documents after marriage?

For information on how to legalize documents abroad, you need to ask in the “registry offices” of a foreign state.

As a minimum, foreign state authority would ask for a marriage certificate issued in Russia, which needs Apostille and notarized translation. Local authorities may require proof of living together and maintaining a common household, documents on registration on the housing of the groom, etc.

To notarize the translation from Russian into another language abroad, you need to find special notary translators. Typically, this information can be obtained at the consulate.

So, these were the documents necessary for registration of marriage with a foreigner in the Russian registry office.

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