When you choose to marry woman from Panama

If you went to Panama and this nice country impressed you not only with nice landscapes, but its pretty women as well and the last inspired you on marriage with Panama woman.

It is quite easy to get married in Panama with Panama girl if you are foreigner. For marriage in Panama you will need some papers to sign and, of course, you’ll need to have documents with you. Among these documents the most important is passport. The other document is the proof of your health, called medical certificate which you can get at the medical clinic in Panama.

If you have married Panama woman since this moment you are permitted to live and to work here, so maybe you wish to use this chance? But first of all you have to conduct marriage; to do this you have an obligation to find two witnesses. Those could be your friends, her friends, but not family members; in case your witnesses are foreigners as well, they surely will need to have passports with them. Sometimes local authorities in Panama may ask passport, certificate of birth translated into Spanish, so keep that in mind.

Take also into consideration if you conduct marriage in Panama, in case of divorce you will have to make that divorce official in Panama as well, you can’t do it in your country as it would not be recognized in Panama. After the divorce all the property is divided between two ex-spouses unless other was written in marriage contract if any. In Panama court is most often on the side of wife and if there are common kids most likely they will live with mother. But let’s don’t think about sad, we are here inspired with marriage with Panama girls and let’s talk more on this, but all the information here is useful, even if it is not very pleasant to hear.

What else concerning marriage in Panama… gay and lesbian marriages are prohibited and are not legalized and recognized by official authorities of Panama.

So, once more, what you will need for marriage in Panama:

– Passport with visa (for Panama citizens – Panamanian ID cards)

– Birth certificate (better if officially translated into Spanish)

– Health certificate

– Two witnesses over 18, not relatives or family

– A certificate of single status

– Birth certificates of children of both spouses if any

For more detailed information contact Panama embassy in your country.

One more document I would like to focus on is Health Certificate. First of all, it can be issued only by registered in Panama physician. The Health Certificate in Panama must be issued at least 15 days prior to the official marriage ceremony. To get the certificate the one has pass general exam, laboratory tests including test on hemoglobin, Urinalysis, HIV/AIDS, Veneral disease research, complete blood analysis.

For marriage with women of Panama you have to follow the procedure, pass Health Exam and to make some other formal things, but the main is to find suitable candidate for future wife – nice descent Panama woman and our website is here to help you in this search.

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