When I first met Serbian girls…

I wanted to have a date in Serbia since I first visited this beautiful country. When I first met Serbian girls I thought that is how paradise of pretty women looks like. I knew that Slavic women are gorgeous, being the prettiest women in the world, but I mostly visited Eastern Slavic countries and have never been to Serbia before. Serbian women except for having standard for Slavs pretty face and incredible slim figure also have some special Balkan colorful features, I am not sure how is it better to name it, but there is something special when it is going about Serbian women – I describe it as the mixture of Slavic and Balkan blood, if to say so.

Really, man, when you are walking down the streets of any Serbian city or town you choose, you feel like you are being in the model agency with real surrounding decorations. I have been to many different places across Serbia and the situation is almost the same – the country is full of pretty girls everywhere. For real lovers of beauty, for people who can aesthetically enjoy the beauty I recommend to visit Serbia. The country is not only full of beautiful girls, but this is also supplemented with great picturesque landscapes of gorgeous Serbian nature.

Although, I want to warn you, that even though country is full of beauties, it does not mean you can behave like an idiot, cling to the girls trying to approach them only because the fact you are foreigner – this is the huge topic for one more detailed article, but Serbian beauty is not only in appearance of local women, it is also in their manner of behavior, in their moral values and in their pride and devoutness to traditional family values.

Of course, most foreign men are impressed by Serbian women’s beauty, not only with appearance and figures, but also with proper make up, nice elegant clothes and the way they take care of themselves, but here I also want to emphasize invisible but very strong part of Serbian women beauty – inner beauty. You can’t examine it visually, but you definitely could feel it if you visit Serbia and communicate with local women.

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