What you get from dating girl from Uruguay

What man from west really gets from dating the girl from Uruguay? Does it worth all efforts or maybe it is better for this purpose to try the fortune not in Uruguay but another country? Maybe there are many stereotypes and clichés and every Uruguayan girl is unique and some had to have bad experience but the others are extremely happy from dating with girl from Uruguay? To find the answers to these and even more questions we will try here today in this article.

Good about dating with girl from Uruguay is that Argentina and Brazil are also very close and you can try your luck there as well in case you don’t like Uruguayan girls; of course I am just kidding, although as my friend likes to repeat – There is only a piece of joke in every joke; so take this option into consideration

The best places to find girls in Uruguay are famous in the country resorts and the capital city, Montevideo. If you dream about Latina girl with European roots and good gene pool (who knows, maybe dating would lead to marriage?) than you may consider Uruguay as good place for this. Nevertheless, those beauties from Uruguay who visit your home country could not represent all the Uruguay for sure; don’t hope to find dozens of pretties walking on the streets of Uruguay, but there some diamonds in the crowd who will make your mouth open and saliva dripping, LOL

Consider dating in Uruguay is expensive. Personally, I follow the opinion, the best date is when it is free like walking on the night beach under the stars or having fun visiting famous places and asking about the culture of Uruguay – but this possibly suits only for the first date; don’t think I’m greedy, I am romantic J. If you keep in touch and period of dating starts, you have to know Uruguay is not cheap and going to restaurants and cafes you will have to spend sum of money, especially if it is tourist season. You also have to know it is normal if man pays for both when having a dinner and if you ask to divide the check it would be considered very weird and this dinner most likely would be the finish of your dating period with Uruguayan girl. This is another culture and mentality, don’t be surprised; it is the same weird for her when you ask to split the sum for dinner as weird for you if you pay for all; but don’t expect to have her in your bed just because you pay for the meal; if you buy her for this she is probably cheap slut and you may have health problems after such time spending; descent girl would not do it. If man does not pays for the dinner in eyes of Uruguayan girl he is greedy and she imagines that he would be such husband if relations will go to the next level with marriage; you have to understand this way of mentality. Yes, it is proved by scientists that woman subconsciously evaluates men as partner and father of their kids just when they first time meet each other!

Some American tourists who visited Uruguay before, say Uruguay is not a good place to look up for girls and not the best place for dating with locals because they are not pretty enough. Well, the meaning of prettiness is different for everyone and what if you have visited this country on business, because you like ancient places or, whatever, you came to have rest, but you met the only one and this Uruguayan girlfriend just blows your mind in positive meaning, then what? I think it is good to take into consideration opinion of other people but not to believe in stereotypes and understand opinions sometimes could be very controversial and biased. What if some looser from west visited Uruguay and didn’t impress any girl with his wallet, but only showed himself as sh** who is ready to buy everything and everyone, but is unable to find a girl using communication and personal qualities? Surely after such visit he will write on his blog something like “girls from Uruguay do not deserve to visit them” and surely will sling with mud the country and its women. So, believe only to what you see and what you feel and if you still did not find Uruguayan girlfriend but would like to, you have to visit this beautiful country. If you like partying and active time spending choose tourist season to visit Uruguay, but if you like to have calm rest and not much noise and if you want to see real Uruguay and maybe get serious relation with some local girl, you better come here when tourist season is over and when it is winter in Uruguay.

Uruguay is very nice place, but how you like it depends on what you expect. Do not expect too much if you are looking for cheap and quick one night stand relations. If you are patient and know how to appreciate beauty then this is place for you; here I mean to appreciate beauty in everything – beauty of nature, beauty of ancient, beauty of historical places, beauty of other culture and, of course, beauty of local women from Uruguay. If you are more inclined to the second variant you have a great chance to find girlfriend in Uruguay and this experience would be truly unforgettable in good sense of the word.

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