Presents for Ukrainian girlfriend: flowers, chocolate… what else?

Making presents for Ukrainian girlfriend is important, sometimes necessary, sometimes is just a good addition to pure demonstration of your feelings, but making presents you should keep the balance and it should be rather pleasant surprise rather than everyday habit for your Ukrainian girlfriend. The problem of making presents is vivid for many Americans, Canadians, Australians and representatives of other countries who have relationships with Ukrainian girlfriend. You might disagree and say there is no problem at all – you just buy stuff and present it, making her happy. It is not that simple as you think at first. Difference in mentality and cultural difference and also difference in income makes you and your Ukrainian spouse look differently at the same things, in this case – presents.

What common mistakes foreign men make when making presents to Ukrainian girls they like? First of all, most of them are trying to impress girl with expensive presents and for this they are going to the store and buy jewelry, expensive smartphones and gadgets and even cars.  Remember: descent Ukrainian girl who sincerely likes you is dating with you because she likes you, your style of behavior and jokes, she feels secure with you and, of course, money play here important role, because money make feel you more confident yourself and women instinctively feel confident guys and are able to distinguish them from the crowd, but in real relationships with Ukrainian girl money should not play the main role. Important, as everywhere in the world, but not the main. Expensive presents are ok, but in the certain phase of more serious and prolonged in time relationships. One more drawback of expensive present on the early stage of new relationships – Ukrainian girl might think you are trying to buy her and would postpone any kind of communication with you forever.

What happens if you make Ukrainian girl expensive present on the first date or very quickly after you started dating her? If this is descent girl who liked you for being the guy you are you will bring her problems by making expensive present. First of all she would feel uncomfortable, because you just started dating and she is not sure whether you are going to be together in the future, she is learning you and examining you the same as you learn and examine her and expensive present would make her feel responsible, tied to you already and tensed. By making expensive present too fast you will disturb your newly Ukrainian girlfriend enjoy the moment of now, you will simply ruin enjoinment and satisfaction of the present moment. Another case here that Ukrainian girls are very attentive to the details and if you made expensive present she would automatically start thinking that now she has to make the same value present for you – and it does not matter she has much lower income than you have – she would ask to lend money from friends, take a loan or ask her parents but she will find such a way out.

We were talking about descent girls who truly like the guy for his personal qualities and they don’t care whether he is Ukrainian or foreigner – and believe me – there is vast majority of such women in Ukraine, but now we are going to talk about different type of girls you might come up in Ukraine and their attitude to expensive presents. If the girl is happy for the present or even asks you for presents, or is giving you hints like

  • I have such an old version of iPhone, I would like a new one


  • Natalia has new iPhone X and I just dream about it, honey

Welcome: you have found Ukrainian gold digger. She does not care whether you are Ukrainian or foreigner, she is interested and made accent on material well being, she is not interested in self development and other personal goals accept for material well being and impressing her friends with expensive clothes, cars and gadgets her wealthy boyfriend has bought. Such girls are better to omit if you would like to build strong and serious relationships in Ukraine. Descent Ukrainian girl is always a little shy, especially when she gets presents, she would never demand, ask or give hints. If the girl does it – this is the first hint she is using you. If you let her using you, one day she will find the one who has more money than you and say good bye to you OR she might have affair on the side with the guy she likes and you will be a sponsor, supplier… a walking wallet.

Now let us move to the point which deserves to be described in the separate article. Flowers. Flowers to present for Ukrainian girl. Why Ukrainian girls like flowers so much? Here you can vividly observe mental difference between Ukrainian girls and girls from West. Even young Ukrainian generation, where girls grew up much more emancipated than their older sisters and their mothers, they still love flowers. Flower for average Ukrainian girl is demonstration of amusement, adornment and this is the highest manifestation of romantic feelings, love or sympathy. When you are presenting flowers in Ukraine remember that number should be odd, because even numbers are brought in this country for funerals only and if you present even amount to alive person this is considered great insult or even direct wish of death to the person you are presenting this flowers, so be attentive to this. The most classic flower is red rose, and then go other colors of roses. All colors are acceptable in Ukraine for presents, except for yellow if it is bouquet for your girlfriend. Yellow flowers are considered to be the signs of quick separation or even break up. There is even old popular in Ukraine song which tells that yellow tulips are sure sign of quick separation. So, red roses – and your choice will always be right.

Flowers should be presented on the holidays. There is the 8th of March in Ukraine which here is considered to be International Women’s Day and flowers are literary demand on this day. If you do not bring at least flowers to your Ukrainian girlfriend this day she would be very offended. She might even not tell you why she is offended and will be in a bad mood for a few days. But, of course, wise Ukrainian girl will understand that you are foreigner and might not know Ukrainian mentality. But still many girls in Ukraine think if this day is called INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day all the people in the world know about this and she might think you also celebrate this date in America and just did not give her bouquet of flowers on purpose, because you are greedy or because you do not care about her or do not love her. See how complicated it could be sometimes with Ukrainian girls? Except for flowers it is good to make some small present on the 8th of March, as flowers are demand and present is very expected. It could be, for example, a new hair dryer.

For the Birthday the flowers are not a demand, but the present should be. New iPhone has place here to be, even if your Ukrainian girlfriend is modest and shy. Present+flowers would do wonders with your girlfriend whom is hard to describe, you could only see it by doing so and observing it on your own eyes.

Personally I recommend presenting flowers to Ukrainian girl for no reason, for example, when you are coming back home after work and when she is at home you present her flowers telling her you love her. That’s it – and this action also does wonders. The bouquet does not have to be big, but it should be nice decorated.

What are other good options for presents for Ukrainian girl? I guess one of the best options is a travel tour. It costs pretty much, so it is not cheap present, but at the same time it gives her understanding of expensive present, of how much you care about her and gives a lot of new impressions. By spending time together in new surroundings you examine each other better, getting closer to each other and have a blast together on the tropic islands somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Very memorable present and it would not make her indifferent for sure.

What about chocolate for present? Ukrainian girls like chocolate as any other girls in the world. Chocolate sweets are considered as romantic present as well. Together with flowers it is good combination. Chocolate bar is ok as well, but a pack of sweets in nice decoration is appreciated much higher.

Teddy bear? Yes, it is also a good option, but it has to be better big, or even HUGE, as it is also demonstration of your love and appreciation.

If to come back to the topic of jewelry – it is good option, but it should be made in a proper moment, for example, when you are dating for some time already and your relationships are grown already, or it might be a birthday present. Which type of jewelry you choose and decide yourself. If it is a ring you have to know the size of her finger, so often men chose necklace or earrings. For the early stages of your relationships silver is much better than gold and it is not going about money only. It should be manifestation of your interest, but at the same time do not make moral pressure on the girl.

To my own observation the best type of present for Ukrainian girlfriend is the present which would help her develop her hobby, herself and stuff. For example, if she enjoys photography and makes good pictures you may present her the camera she dreams about or camera lens (lenses). Or if she enjoys painting – present her palette of paints of well known quality brand. Useful present is much more appreciated as it is coherent with her wishes, with call of her soul and such action would multiply love and trust to you, as the close person who deeply understands what she really needs.

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