What to do to marry Japanese woman

Japanese women are perfect wives for every foreign guy who has serious intention to family creation and who is ready to make new important step in his life under “the marriage” title. Why Japanese girls are perfect brides for Americans, Germans, Australians and other foreigners? There are few stable reasons for this.

Japanese women are family oriented and when they start dating a guy they already assume marriage in the future. It does not mean they are thinking only about marriage and stuff, but most often when Japanese girl is dating a guy she supposes in the future he could become her husband. It is very rare when Japanese girl is dating a guy just for fun, just for experience and just to discover something new – most often this dating time is supposed to transform into the marriage in the future. The other thing is that dating period in Japan could last for years, but this is other topic for the new article.

Japanese girls really like to be in the role of wife, rise child or children at the same time have harmony in relations with husband. They enjoy life like that and dream about creating good family and having kids. That is why when Japanese girl starts to dating a guy, doesn’t matter he is foreigner or not, she expects to create a family with him in the future if the guy is serious enough about relations, otherwise she would rather not date him.

One more reason why Japanese women are good candidates for wives that they are not emancipated at all. They consider the man to be the head of the family, although the relations seem equal. Japan is modern country, but still such issues as not explicit, hidden women’s discrimination at work, in the family and the society in general is vivid, especially comparing to Europe or the U.S.

If Japanese girl considers you an appropriate, reliable candidate for husband she would agree to marry you even after three months after you started dating. The main here is to show you are perspective and she can build the future with you. You don’t have to be rich and stuff, but the main thing is your efforts in building your future, your tries and you have to show your possible Japanese bride you are not only reliable, but you are aimed in general. She would support you as the wife and as the girlfriend all the time in all your plans and although every relations are impossible without quarrels, and here they are possible on intercultural basis (cultural differences), this all would seem minor and marriage with Japanese girl is really worth it.

What to do to find Japanese girl for wife? Is it easy to find wife in Japan? If you are serious about relations, if you have ability to achieve your goals you have all chances to find wife in Japan. Actually, it is easy to find wife in Japan but you have to be serious about the future and start dating Japanese girl. Dating is only the beginning and it is usual as it is in Europe or in the U.S. It is good to show gentleman attitude like opening doors in front of Japanese woman or help her to carry heavy luggage – the things that could be considered discrimination in Europe will greatly accepted by Japanese women and they will appreciate it a lot. Try to be in a good humor – Japanese women like men with a sense of humor.

The main thing to find Japanese wife is to show the possible candidate for wife (Japanese girl) that future with you is possible, you are trying to achieve this, you are on the way to your happiness with her and you will do your best to make you both happy together. Of course, you will have to show it with your actions, not only words; you have to find descent job or earn enough to get enough money even for you both (if less, the wife will find a work as well). In this country process is probably more important than the goal. Japanese girls have inner feeling of the need to be married, unlike many European women they not fond of career and its achievements and prefer the family. Probably, this is also due to the fact Japan is country where the men rule economy and politics and women is considered to be worse in many spheres than man – this is hidden, not explicit and made in civilized manner if it is possible to say so, but it is the truth in Japan.

Japanese women wish to be married and have a family, especially those girls who are over 25. Japanese woman is a good wife and she suits to be a good wife for foreigner according to her femininity, non-emancipated upbringing and the way they see the life. Although, must say mixed international families and not common in Japan, especially in small cities and suburbs.

So, being American or European you have all chances to find pretty Japanese wife, especially if you are tall, European looking guy. It would be easy to start conversation with Japanese girl you liked as they are curious about foreigners and also very open to people, sincere and like to talk. Then you will have to have a few dates with Japanese girl for the start to understand are you ready to date her in the future and do you really like her and could you be together; and then when you will start dating her for longer time like 3 months and show you are serious for the future you will build together. Then see it all in your own eyes and decide when it is better to make a proposal to your Japanese girlfriend.

Why is it worth to choose Japanese for wife? They are very open and give them all in relations, confess them to a partner. They are not trying to achieve equality in relations and are agree with the way when husband is the main in the family, but at the same time she feels comfortable and happy in the family. They consider foreigners more open. They consider foreigners more caring about women than local men.

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