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What To Be Aware If You Are Looking For Ukrainian Girlfriend?

No fear

If you are thinking about Ukrainian girlfriend you have a few ways to find her. The first might be finding her in your country and the second is finding her in Ukraine.

It is obvious that you might be afraid to have problems if you go to Ukraine. Are your fears justified? In most cases – no. Ukraine is pretty secure and hospitable country. That could be proved by thousands of foreigners who visit the country every year. Are there still some things you have to be aware considering dating in Ukraine?

Figuring out whether her intentions are sincere

Having Ukrainian girlfriend is a dream of many foreign guys, but is it enough just to find woman from Ukraine who’d love you and be happy? Sometimes yes, because along with beauty Ukrainian women are known to combine such qualities as intelligence and femininity.

Often when thinking only about appearance foreign guys get into trouble. They find so called gold diggers who literary have nothing to offer except from pretty face. Blurred with beauty foreigner’s mind loses ability to think objectively. Since now she would demand expensive presents, she would insist on traveling to exotic countries and this all is at foreigner’s expense, of course.

It is true there are many rich guys on the West, as well as in Ukraine. Many of them are ok with such flow of things, but if you are looking for relatively pure relationship with Ukrainian woman, described above type would be better to omit. Fortunately, the percentage of such women in Ukraine is not big, but the problem is that such women are looking for rich guys and foreigners take top of the charts here.

Be aware of scammers

Possible dating scam in Ukraine one should be aware:

1. The most popular is when you pay for the services which are described, but in reality you get not what you expected for. For example, you are chatting with nice woman from Ukraine on messenger and when you come to visit her it turns out you are going for the first meeting with completely different woman. In addition, this woman could barely speak English, although woman from the chat had pretty good English. How it happens? The truth is that woman from the chat is usually just a woman with descent level of English. Communication with you is her job, and you naïve think that she can’t wait to see you online. Actually, maybe she wants, but only to earn some extra money from you.

2. The second popular scam is when you visit Ukraine and the woman you just have met asks you to go to the restaurant. After you have a meal you realize that prices in the restaurant are even higher than in the USA. The next you are going to the shopping mall and she asks you to buy her some brand new clothes, smartphone, etc. 

How the scheme works? In such places as restaurants they usually share money with a barman, waiter or administrator. For example, you have spent $300, the woman gets $100 from the barman. Clothes or gadgets she will return back and get the refund.

Remember: descent woman would never ask you to go to the most expensive restaurant. Descent woman will NEVER ask you to buy her something. This is moveton in Ukraine and even when you would like to make her present yourself, descent average Ukrainian woman would be against this initiative. Average woman in Ukraine is really shy, especially at the very beginning of possible relationship, especially with foreigner. Even if such woman accepts your present you will hear hundreds of excuses like oh, you shouldn’t have buy it or that it is expensive etc.

3. The most popular scam is when you pay money for some service you can’t use, because there is no such service. Be careful when someone asks you to pay for some services on the Internet, check whether website is reliable.

Not fall in love with the one who does not love you

It often happens that you could take usual woman’s sympathy for possibility of future serious relationship. Many women like to smile and show their interest, but it does not mean they would like dating you. Coming to Ukraine do not think that women here are waiting for foreigners who’ll save them from being single. Many women here have own local boyfriends and are happy with them. If the woman is eagerly communicating with you this does not mean she would like to become your girlfriend.

Some Ukrainians are curious and if there is a chance to practice English with native speaker many of them would go for it, including women. But again –  it does not mean they would like to date you. They’re just practising English.

So do not confuse friendly communication with hints for some serious future relationship, otherwise you may fall in love with the woman who simply does not see you as her possible boyfriend.

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