What surprises foreigners in Russia the most?

Russia is a mysterious country for most foreigners. There are a lot of really unusual things for foreigners in Russia. Russian culture is rich, but at the same time original. That is why Russian traditions are not always clear to foreigners. In this article we will talk about what surprise foreigners in Russia the most. Today we talk about things and events, which are often surprising to foreigners in Russia and among Russians.

Why Russia has bad and very bad roads?

Why Russian Christmas comes after the New Year, and not vice versa? (Catholics have on the contrary)

Why the Russian people take off their shoes when they come home?

Why Russian women look so good?

Why Russian women want to marry foreigners?

Why Russian people do not smile and walk always gloomy (it surprises foreigners in Russia very often)?

Why Russian are bad drivers (it does not only surprise the foreigners, it gives them a shock)?

How is it possible to “buy a driving license” – foreigners do not understand.

Why Russians are very superstitious?

Why Russia does not have this “middle class” and has a strong stratification of society – people are either very poor or very rich.

Why old people on the streets are dressed as beggars in the old coat and shoes?

Why Russian people get married so early (earlier than in Europe)?

How Russians manage to have more children than in Europe, where they have less income than in Europe.

How Russians tolerate such cold winters?

Why Russians sometimes are so poorly educated and do not respect the personal distance in supermarkets, queues, etc., often pushing each other?

Why Russians are rough and rude to each other when you have just politely say something?

Why do Russians adore red caviar so much? Many foreigners do not consider caviar something special.

Why Russians bathe in the bath called “banya”?

Why Russians jump into ice-cold water in the hole?

Why Orthodox churches do not have benches for visitors as in Catholic churches?

These were the things that foreigners do not understand in Russia. As it turns out, the things that surprise foreigners in Russia the most are often normal for average Russian.

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