What should I know when going for the date with girl from Estonia

Dating with Estonian girl could be the dream you tried to make the truth for a long time. One day all your efforts will finish with desirable first date with Estonian girl. And here you are, reading this text, because you were so confident all this time and now you are confused, trying not to spoil all what you have been building for this long time. You want your first date with girl form Estonia to be perfect; you want to impress your girl and you wish the first date has continuation and the odds were for her to become your girlfriend.

We are going to help by giving some hints and how to behave on the first date with Estonian girl so you do not spoil anything.

During the first date with Estonian girl you have to be confident and do not to be nervous. Not being nervous could be hard, but I’m not telling not being nervous at all, just try to avoid being in over nervous condition. Women like confident men and being nervous doesn’t show you are confident at all. Do not drink coffee or other energetic drinks before the first date because caffeine makes you overactive and will make you jitters and nervous anxiety. On the other hand, do not drink alcohol, otherwise it will help you to feel more relaxed, it is the worst way to show up in front of Estonian girl on the first date. Wake up early this morning, do some sport activities like running or swimming to sublime extra energy; by the way, it is already proven fact that sport activities make man feel more confident in life. Try all your day before date be active so at the date you come a little tired (but not exhausted!). Read also: Why brides from Estonia are popular?

The date should be in some place where you both would feel comfortable. It is good to start the first date from the walk. If it is in Tallinn, for example, there are many romantic places and streets to go. This is a good start where you can talk about common things like what you both do for life, what movies you like and something about your countries. If it is in your home country, you have bonus as you can show her interesting places and rule the situation more. Anyways, the start from walk will help to avoid possible jitters as it is unlikely to happen during walk than during sitting at the table. After walk on the fresh air you will possibly feel hunger and may go to some café or restaurant. After this you can finish the date or visit some attraction like cinema or art center.

In any case, propose to walk the girl home. It is very common in Estonia. It may be not home exactly, but you can call her the cab or walk her to the bus stop. As for the kiss, you will see it in her eyes and feel it. For the start you can kiss her chick, just once. If you don’t have her phone number, ask for it not before she lives, but in advance and call her to give her yours and check whether she gave you valid number. You will see how serious her intentions are. By taking her number she also evaluates your intentions and accepts that step as you are being serious to her.

After the first date, text message her in the evening with wishes of good night. This will show her you are interested in her.

Be yourself at the first date with Estonian girl and don’t pretend to be someone else. Don’t play role of someone else unless you are good Hollywood actor and know what you are doing. Be sure, if she liked you as you are at the first date, your relations have future and if you pretend and then she will see real you she might not like this and such failure would postpone all your previous tries, time, efforts, money and all what you did before.

My advices are very simple. You have to be yourself and don’t be disappointed if something went wrong. The first date was invented to be first and many can happen during it. You may not like the girl, she might not like you or you both will like each other. You see, it is only 33,33% for the second date. So, keep those simple hints and wish you luck at the first in your life date with pretty Estonian girl. Read also:

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