What pluses you get from dating with Bulgarian girl?

When you decided to do such a serious step in your life as serious dating and this is going about dating with Bulgarian girl, you have to know more about such dating and what pluses it could give you; saying in other words, if there are no benefits, why then you are dating Bulgarian girl? Right? If such dating has brought you a lot of pleasure and positive experience, you can share it with other guys and even if your experience was negative, then share it as well as it might save someone from bed actions and spoiled nerves in the future. Maybe you just got interested in someone’s experience and you are just curious about it. Most of the time experience is rather positive and it does not matter why have you visited this article, maybe you are looking for some experience for yourself and that is why you are here; for any reason you are here, we are going to share with you some ideas and we are sorry if they could be even offensive for some of you, but everyone has its own point of view, either based on real life or on the information he/she found on the Internet or heard from others.

Bulgarian wife is going to play main role in the family if the man near her is emotionally weak person and does not have his strong will; on the contrary, if the man has greatly developed willpower, Bulgarian wife would listen to such a husband and all her actions she would coordinate with him. Such unique features have only Bulgarian women. This approach of being possessive and switching to obedient or even submissive girl, Bulgarian girls use also in their relations when just dating with guys and this happens because they have inherited this attitude with mother’s milk and father’s blood.

Some other pluses of Bulgarian girls are their beauty, positive attitude to life and hot temperament, which is widespread among people who live in hot Mediterranean countries. Bulgarian women are taking good care about house; they love children and usually are caring mothers, but when we are talking about dating with girl from Bulgaria, this information about kids and family is out off topic here, so we will not discuss this and move further to some other points.

Bulgarian girl knows well how to fight with stress, because they survived in harsh reality when the country was changing its flow from Russian communism influence and moving to European democracy, becoming a member of European Union and NATO. All those changes made great impact on Bulgarian people in general and Bulgarian woman in particular. They know how to survive, they are street smart and know what is poverty and that is why they appreciate will of a husband who earns money for his family, but at the same time they know how to earn money themselves; many Bulgarian women go abroad and work there, some of them come back home, but most of them marry foreigners in that country, and if men from the U.K. or the U.S. marry them it means they are worth and valuable for them. If there were no such an opinion Bulgarian women are great, there were no this website, there were no so many guys who would look for dating with Bulgarian girl and maybe dreaming about marriage with her some day.

Every guy who was dating Bulgarian girl would describe their relations with just one word – excitement. This is truth, but why such relations often do don last for long? Because American guys use Bulgarian girls just for fun when they are having rest in Bulgaria and then come back home, having no time to open their full potential; and such men who understood potential of Bulgarian girls and then checked only a half of it by dating, lately decided to marry with their mysterious Bulgarian pretty. Besides, Bulgarian women are great bodies to spend free time with as they like to have fun, they like to have active rest as well as they like to use their great sense of humor and finally you will never get bored with your Bulgarian girlfriend. There are many different ways to spend free time with girlfriend from Bulgaria and all those ways could be very different. It does not mean you have to be overactive with girlfriend from Bulgaria all the time; you don’t have to feel tired and still be active, because that is some wrong interpretation of my words. Bulgarian girls could be very romantic and will never miss the chance to spend some time in a romantic atmosphere, with candles and sweet music, at the restaurant or at home; she would be happy to watch a movie in one bed with you, hugging each other, and at the same time she would be happy to have active rest like going to the swimming pool or aqua park or visiting motor racing track; such interesting creatures they are, those Bulgarian girls, for sure,  when you meet Bulgarian girl, I don’t know will you be her boyfriend, but you won’t forget her, this is for sure. In most cases you would try to attract her attention and this is because Bulgarian girlfriend has so much positive sides every man would dream to go at least for one date with her.

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