What men Ukrainian girls do not like

Ukrainian girls are ready to tell goodbye for the rudeness, selfishness and greed, and appreciate the determination, sense of humor, honesty, intelligence and good manners. Those are the results of the poll of about 500 girls. The survey was conducted among women who participated in the casting of the new show “Ok, good bye”.

As it turned out, the most critical for the majority of the respondents is a man’s age. 90% of girls will not date with a guy younger than her by more than 10 years. Surprisingly, family status of a potential suitor for the 17% of asked was important; it means that 17% of asked girls are willing to date with a married man.

Appearance is the next important factor in the boys assessment: 80% of girls would rather say “No” to ugly young person, 65% will not date to the one, who is below their growth, and 58% of girls are not going to give a chance if the potential partner has some extra weight. More than half of Ukrainian girls would not want to have any relations with the man who completely have no sense of taste. Note that unattractive, but secured guy more likely to get the favor of girls.

Previous sexual experience (or lack thereof) and the presence of children can make Ukrainian girl to give up the relationship with a man. About half of the respondents are not willing to meet with a male virgin, and 40%, on the contrary – to those men, who had a lot of women in their bed.

Men who are raising children after divorce themselves have risk of rejection from 27% of girls. For its entire rigor in the selection of a potential partner, half of those surveyed young ladies ready to do anything to get the liked the guy.

The survey involved 438 women who completed questionnaires to attend the show. Age of 40% contestants was from 21 to 25 years, another 20% – 26-30 years, and 30% of potential participants were younger than 21 years. Participants of the survey represent all 24 regions of Ukraine and Crimea. About 73% live in Kiev or large cities (47% of them – in the capital), 18% – in the village, medium or small town. Nine out of ten women had never been married; one out of ten has experience of married life. 50% of girls live with parents or relatives, other 50% – on their own, as well as with a girlfriend or boyfriend. More than half (55%) have a Masters Degree, one third – Bachelor Degree. At the same time, almost one-fifth of interviewees are unemployed, 15% – are studying at the moment, all the other occupy positions from specialists to managers.

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  1. Abraham says:

    I just posted a comment on another related site, but here I would say the same – Ukrainian people and women are awesome and they treat people they deserve. If for some reason Ukrainian girl does not want to be with you – look for the reason deep inside yourself… or not very deep maybe. In most cases there is something wrong with you, although (!) not necessarily. So, learn to analyze and if you can’t or don’t want to wait… well… ask professionals to help you

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