What Kind of Men Polish Women Do Not Like?

It is worth considering, and why Polish girls? In so far as this site is dedicated to them, we raise this subject. Of course, all the women in the world have many in common, but here we will explore what men Polish girls do not like. So, first of all Polish girls would never go on a date with a greedy and selfish man. Rough men also have very little chance. But strong, with a sense of humor, intelligent men attract girls from Poland and with them they gladly would go to at least one date. This survey was attended by about 800 Polish girls of young and middle age.

Previous sexual experience, especially the lack of sexual experience in men is a very good reason to Polish girl refuse to go on a date with you. About 50% of girls do not agree to meet with the intact male, and 40% will have no relationship with womanizer. Having children will also give you much less chances the girl to have relationship with you. Men who are raising children after divorce are at risk of exclusion of 30% of the girls.

Other details clarified, the age of a potential partner is important for girls and women from Poland. For example, only 10% of girls would go on a date with a guy younger than her more than 9 years. However, status of married man is generally not important for 1/5 female respondents and that means that every woman is fighting for her happiness and does not care about the fate of others. Just saying, 20 women out of 100 are ready to go for regular dating with a married man, and in the future hoping for a wedding. What if he ever say good bye to you? It is unreliable person, usually for life and human nature does not change.

Although man’s appearance is not so important for women, up 82% of girls would not pay attention to you if you are unattractive guy. Polish women do not love lower explanatory men as well and 67% would refuse to date such a man. Also 60% are not going to give a chance, if a potential partner is overweight. Note that unsightly, but rich guy is more likely to get the attention of girls. Of course, financial status is very important for men and under any circumstances man must earn good money, either beautiful he is or not, either tall he is or not.

The survey involved 789 women. Age of 45% of the participants was 20 to 25 years, another part 22% were from 26-31 years. Study participants representing all regions of Poland. About 65% of the population lives in Warsaw or big cities, 19% live in the villages or small towns.

Although the choice of a potential partner is not easy and the women come to this very seriously, half of young girls is ready to do anything to the guy whom they liked and would go with him.