What kind of men Belarus women would not be with

After close relations with some men women are ashamed the next day. There is a category of men, which turns woman into slide to unlock mode. Most often it is those men who do not need children, or a glass of water, and that is why women adore them, because of a sense of self-preservation. If you marry such a perfect man, in a year will be nothing left from you: you will die of orgasms. So let’s go on to the contrary. We will examine mind by all those man with whom we would never go to bed under any circumstances.

In the first place pumped piterpens who are sure you won’t resist if see his muscles. They apply to this bunch of effort and go to success through clenched teeth, and that’s why you will deal with them as a rod, hurting the muscles that are responsible for the movement of thoughts in his head. You will not sleep with him just because he is stupid. You will go to bed with interesting man, whose manner only to take you by the hand at an unexpected moment means so much, but you will left with nothing shy jelly in the pants, let alcohol help him.

As a Belarusian girl, I would not like to have sex with bandits or hooligans. It is also terrible to me to have sex with village farmer. The one, who is perfect husband by all criteria, a kind of sweet economic meanie: sweeping the floor and washing your cup after coffee. You go with him down the street to the cinema and you will be ashamed to meet friends, because your boyfriend wears a high waist jeans. Separate horror is to sleep with the cop, and this animal fear is somewhere at a subconscious level. If the farmer’s still possible to survive, the cop and former prisoner spoil the karma forever. Just ugly men do not cause that range of feelings from fear to hate. You only look with the thought: “Well, what to do with you?” He even looks like he has the most Antisex-profession: the controller in the bus or teacher labour.

When life pushes a woman with a man whom she would say sure “no”, it wakes up the strange feeling of bewilderment. You like and admit the fact that someone has to rescue this man from the torment of having no sex, but you are scared to even think about how this one might look like. Visualize the process of salvation in bed means to gain a deep sexual trauma. Separately are considered men at a bus stop: exceptions are possible, but the trend is rather negative. Masculine sexuality is not linked with qualities such as slavish obedience to superiors, passivity and lack of ambition.

Actually, I do not know what it is easier: to explain the difference between good sex from bad sex, or to understand why one man suited to you and the other did not? And what is generally better if all men were “sure yes” or that there were no such men at all? In the first world you stand it for three years as a heroin addict who receives regular stab at the G-spot. In the second world, you learn how to live with the unloved, fasting and praying for the night. But the woman is arranged in a treacherous manner. Sex fascinates her hope for the relationship. Have close relations in bed without impact and believe in nothing is common for Belarusian men only and Belarusian women always felt lack of this hormone.

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