What Is The Right Way To Please The Woman You Love?

There is an opinion that it is almost impossible to please a woman. But what if you still want to make something pleasant to your second half? Maybe bring her a gift which would make her delighted? You are surely able to please your woman with pleasant surprise – you just have to be a little more attentive.

Listen carefully what she says

Most women begin to hint their man in advance of what they would like to receive as a gift. Woman exactly knows what she wants at the moment. Sometimes. All the time. 🙂 Women give hints in every possible place: while watching advertisement on the TV, during shopping in the mall or while being on a walk in the park. Take your habit of listening carefully to your spouse and you will get perfect radar of her mood changes as well as will guess what she really wants. Such man is really able to surprise a woman! But it is important to make such surprises not very often and do it not openly.


  • Honey, recently I saw commercial of new iPhone
  • Ok, honey, I’ll buy one for you today when I will be coming back home after work


  • Honey, have you heard about the release of new iPhone?
  • Yes, one of my colleagues at work has one. It is not impressive. I guess it is better to buy some cheaper smartphone


  • Honey, have you heard, they told in the news about new iPhone?
  • Ok


  • Honey, Elis has got new iPhone, it looks really worthy
  • Mmm… I would be happy to make you such a present if you would like it

It does not mean you will buy her one. It also does not mean you are going to buy her new iPhone immediately or in a week. You give her hope and a room for dreaming. Now she is in expectations and in sweet anticipation. If you still are going to make her such a present, let it be some anniversary of Valentine’s Day, but not an ordinary day. Important: not promise and not give your woman presents for every hint she gives, otherwise she would think that she build a great channel of interaction – she gives you direct and obvious hint and you are happy to fulfill it into real life. Women do not respect such men and it is needed to do it wise.

Feel free to ask what the woman wants to receive as a gift

If reading woman’s hints is not something you are able to do and lessons on women’s psychology does not help you, if no matter how hard you try to read the tips of your woman you don’t get any success – ask her about the gift openly. Of course, is not romantic, but you can be sure that you can give your woman what she needs. It is still better than spending money on something she would not like and hide somewhere to the far corner, pretending she is really happy. All the problems in the relationships start with accumulated dissatisfaction of different sorts – minor and bigger.

Talk to your woman and find out details of the gift she wants. If she was ok with telling you what she wants, she will be ok with giving you details. It is better to buy her what she dreams of, rather than spend money on something very similar, but not what she would really like to have, otherwise the present would remind her about the thing she wanted but did not get completely exactly what she wanted. This would make her sad or even nervous. Best of all is to take her with you and choose the present together. Yes, again, maybe it is not very romantic, but it would bring you both great satisfactions as you will feel proud you make your woman happy and would have inner satisfaction and she would be happy from getting such a present and happy that she has such great and attentive man who loves her.

Feel free to ask for help

If you do not really want to ask your beloved one about the present she would like to get you have to feel free to ask for help people who know a lot about your love. This might be her lover (:-) 🙂 just kidding LOL) sister, mother or her brother. But the best assistant will be her best friend, who may know about your woman’s desire even more than about her own wishes.

Suggest voicing your desires in playing form

Take a piece of paper dividing it in advance into two columns and taking turns, write down a number of your real wishes. Next, let each one of you choose one gift for your second half. After all, you save the intrigue, she will still not know exactly what you choose, but you would not get a shaving kit for birthday this time, unless you wrote it on the list.

Remember about golden middle advice. Keep to it everywhere in your lifetime and especially in relationships with woman. Too much gifts and too much attention will “spoil” your woman and she would not only be ignorant to your attention not evaluating presents, but within the time might demand for them which would make you either angry or disappointed. If you do the opposite and will not make any presents, not paying attention to your woman and would be cold towards her, she might think you do not love her anymore, get offended and someday will find the one who will really show his sincere or faked (it does not matter) attention towards her.

Author: Melinda Perk Joseph Clark

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