What is the best dating site for serious relationship with Ukrainian girl?

Dating site and “seriousness ” of future relationship

On many dating sites profiles are just fakes. The only aim of pretty picture (yes, picture – not girl) is to attract your attention. The next step is some “call to action saying” which intrigues excited mind to follow the link.

Serious dating agencies check candidates in their profiles, but even here no one could guarantee you success in finding Ukrainian girlfriend. It is very hard to diverse real dating agencies from scammers and no one could say how to do it properly. Most of Ukrainian women have either poor level of English or complete absense of English, especially if we are talking about women over 40. They really have desire to find overseas husband and their profiles are real, but you are going to communicate through translator – a girl or guy(!) and you will not know about this. Yes, all your romantic passionate letters would be read by completely different person, whose job is only to answer foreigners like you. By the way, it is a good hint for you to find Ukrainian girlfriend among these girls. Usually they are young students of English phylology departments at Ukrainian Universities, so their level of English is descent or better than advanced. In any case, it is better to communicate with such girl and have some chance with her than with women who does not know any English.

Ukrainian women and online dating

Most of Ukrainian women are not interested in online dating. They are looking for serious relationship and possibility to build successful family with wish of better life for their children. They treat online dating like fun, something not serious where it is impossible or almost impossible to find serious partner. Young girls might use Tinder to communicate with guys and just for fun, sharing their “ha ha” with friends, but usually nothing more.

And it to think over it with more detaoled look – yes, Ukrainian women are right. Because even if you find person online, there is a need to move to real communication in real life. Yes, Internet is great source of finding possible candidate, and it gives good chances for pre-selection as well as gives opportunity to communicate distantly, but it does not give a full understanding of the partner, does not show all the sides of both; even video chat does not show how pretty(ugly) person is in real life. If you don’t see your girlfriend for year in real life and use only messenger than you might have a problem recognizing her at the airport or be surprised (pleasantly or not) when you see her in reality, because video chat (camera) distorts real picture.

Is it possible to find “descent” Ukrainian girl online?

Yes, it is more than possible, but there are many aspects you should know before you start doing it. They will help you to be prepared and maybe will save you from some kind of disappointment.

  • Cultural aspect. Ukrainian girls used to traditional way of finding possible partner. Even though many use social networks and ways of communication, they still preffer dating process to be removed from virtual into real life with all its attributes like flowers, chocolate, visiting pizzeria, walks in the park and some day – meeting with parents.
  • Dating age. Depending on the age of possible parntner you will have to use different ways of online communication. Young generation might (but not necessary) speak English and uses Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, telegram, Viber and other applications. Also Instagram is videly used. Interested girl would use online translator if she does not know any English to reply to your message if she is interested. Many young girls would use dating apps like Tinder and similar just for fun, but not for serious dating. Women at the age of 40 and older would use some social networks, but usually some local ones, where you might not have an account, but their English would usually be pretty poor and it would be hard to chat via messenger, for example.
  • Purpose of relationship. It depends whether woman is ready to get married or is just bored and tries to find person for everyday communication, but is not ready to leave the style of life she has. She needs support, communication, but nothing more. She is ok with her life and she just needs some additional emotions. With such woman you may become good international friends.
  • Support. You will support each other, telling how it is going every day. You will tell her how stupid is your secretary and she would complain about colleague at work gossip about her. You would share pictures of the places you have visited on the weekend; you will have a feeling like if you are at school and start chatting with the boy/girl from your class you liked. Actually, you will give each other emotions which are impossible to get now from husband/wife but it would never lead to anything bigger. If you both are comfortable with such format of communication, it is ok, but if some of you has bigger expectations, than it is time to think about such friendship.
  • Close relationship. It communication has started on the Internet and you wish this Ukrainian girl could become your girlfriend/wife it is important to move communication into real life as quick as possible. Most of Ukrainan women seriously perceive only real life relationship, not virtual. If you ignore this, she might threat your attitude as not serious within some time and give her prefference to another candidate.
  • Marriage and family. Here everything is pretty clear, but you both have to be sure in this. After first date and first time you meet each other you might be deeply fascinated. Passion and emotions do not give a person to evaluate the situation correctly and this becomes a problem in the future. Quick decision of marriage might bring to the risk the same quick decision of divorce. Most of Ukrainian women think about creation of harmonous family, but do not be in hurry – there is its time for everything. Take your time, enjoy the present moment and if you see the point of future common relationship – do the next step, as Ukrainian women always expect the man to do the first step, to their traditional imagination of life this makes man “masculine” and “to be in his place”; Ukrainian woman might give you hints which are hard to read sometimes, but would rarely tell you something directly.

The best Ukrainian women dating site

The best places to find “perfect” Ukrainian girl

  • Meaning of perfection. It is different for everyone. For someone online dating is non-acceptable and for someone it was the best way to find a great love of his/her life. Do not listen to anyone. If you feel desire to find girl online –do it. Of course, general information would help you some way, but the last decision is up to you, so do it. There are no perfect people the same as there are no perfect places to search these people.
  • Place methaphor but not a call to action. It does not mean we are talking about particular city, restaurant or place, or website. It makes no sense to look for potentional Ukrainian girlfriend in particular place because you may find her everywhere the same as anywhere. It depends on you only, on your skills, on your ability to communicate, be open to people and on your aim. Believe me, Ukrainian girls have very developed intuition and they would read you earlier than you say the first word. So, don’t be surprised if it is hard for you to find a girl in Ukraine – check your sincere plans and give yourself answer would you date yourself if you were Ukrainian girl and knew everything about yourself.

How about alternative free of charge ways to find Ukrainian girlfriend/wife ?

We discuss possible ways to find possible Ukrainian girlfriend using dating sites or what is more up to date as for now – dating apps, but why should we be limited to these 2 ways of online search? When we say online it implies much more many ways of dating and not paying for this a single cent! I mean soicial networks, first of all. Looking for Ukrainian girl using, for example, Facebook, Instagram or other polular social networks has its own pros and cons.

Let’s start from minuses. Women from Ukraine who has already been registered on dating sites have direct aim to find foreign fiance. If they are young they do it themselves, but if they are, let’s say, at the age of 50, then most often they would do this with the help of numerous Ukrainian dating agency which will make a profile of Ukrainian woman at the age of fifty who is in immediate search of possible overseas husband and would describe her pluses (usually too good to be truth, but in case with exactly Ukrainian women 80% what is written would be true due to the fact they are pretty, family oriented, want children and are caring and stuff).

Cons of Facebook in this case are such of a kind that you don’t really know whether this woman is single or no, unless this is said in her profile. If she already has boyfriend or husband you skip to the next profile and there might be tons of profiles you check during the day. If you write them message, most of even single girls either would not reply to you, or would simply do not speak English and that’s the other big problem here. But you may add the girl to a friends first and check her reaction – if she has added you, maybe she will be interested in communication with you. Try to search special Facebook groups which are oriented in online dating, but there might be lots of potential scam, so I personally would avoid such groups.

How about finding Ukrainian girlfriend on Instagram? Insta is very popular in Ukraine as in the rest of the world so it makes sense to look for potential girlfriend there. If you will not find any than you at least spend good time observing pictures of gorgeous girls. There is real chance to find different types of the girls from Ukraine on Instagram and here is how. If you see the girl is having subrurn almost every week and posts from different places, sipping champagne and cocktails or likes clubbing – she is good candidate preferably for one night stand; such “hunters” usually post lots of pictures from gym as they have to keep fit and keep forms; they also usually have plastic of their lips. But if the girl posts pictures of different interesting places, interests in yoga and meditation, likes sport – she might be interesting interlocutor, become a good friend of yours, and who knows – maybe your future girlfriend of wife. We have given you some hints how to make search of potential Ukrainian girlfriend using free social networks, but if you still preffer traditional dating sites, please, check the info below.

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