What is the attitude of Japanese women to foreigners?

Among tourists who visit Japan are many men who would like to get to know Japanese culture better what is called in all possible aspects and many of them are interested how about Japanese women? Especially those who heard such words as geisha and don’t really know what does it mean in terms of Japanese culture.

Must say there is whole new to American or European thing of Japanese being as spending time with woman talking about life, problems and stuff. Imagine pretty woman who is sitting next to you and you can open your soul to her. This does not include intimacy or something of this kind and is rather similar to visiting psychologist, but very pretty one. It is very widespread because most of Japanese men are fully devoted to their job and have no time for personal life and often do not have anyone to share problems with. Even married Japanese men often use such services.

But our today’s topic is a little different and I wrote that info in the second paragraph just to highlight some things close to what you might consider when thinking whether Japanese women are tolerant to lustful behavior of foreigners or not and whether they welcoming to foreigners in particular. So, the answer to both questions would little different.

Japanese women are very family oriented and they prefer to start serious dating that could have high possibility to be transformed into marriage in the future. So, the best way to find out better about Japanese girls is to start dating one of them. There are girls who will have close relations with the guy they are dating even on the second date, but this is more an exception rather than the rule. Read also: What to do to marry Japanese woman

Many Japanese girls are curious of dating foreigner and after a while they are curious as well how is the foreigner in what is called “another level of relationships”. They might not show this but they will be interested in the same thing that interests you when you are reading this article.

Japanese culture is very different from European and American and international marriages are still not common in Japan unlike dating, because here Japanese girl could feel more free and find out aspects concerning foreign men that she is interested in. Here you can give a try and figure out more about Japanese girls.

If to speak in general then Japanese women are looking for a person to date with rather than spending quick time together, especially if it is going about some random guy. But in any personal case it could be different and have some features you could never guess. It depends on the girl what she is ready for. To sum up I will say you never know all peculiarities of Japanese’ girls inner world until you try yourself, but to try you have to act, not just dream of it. Read also: How to start dating Japanese woman?

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