What I must know dating Belgians?

Started looking for love in Belgium for some reason? Then you will surely need some tips about Belgium culture and social behavior to start this interesting trip or adventure called “Belgium love“.

Meeting or dating with a person of different culture or just foreign country might be interesting and unforgettable experience. At the same time it is important to know that some norms of public behavior that are acceptable to you might be unacceptable for the person from other country and vice verse. Different cultures have different approach in evaluation of cultural qualities and social behavior. What is so romantic for you might be considered as impolite or even rude gesture of you overseas.

In any case it is better not generalize the whole nation, using stereotypes. You can’t judge Belgium girlfriend by stereotypes on the very first date, as well. No, you can, but it would be not the right way. It is better learn opinions of different people and the more you learn, the better it is for your objectives. Anyway, there are some advices that are common for getting acquainted with most of Belgiansthat are going to help you avoid some mistakes.

We will start with tips of communication with Belgians. Conservative manners are key factor for many Belgians and your good manners are the best way to make nice first impression. Some say it is not that true, but it is believed in Belgium man has to stand up when woman enters the room, as well as man has to give his seat in a bus for woman as a sign of respect and good manners. Good manners in public places is special issue in Belgium, so… behave 🙂

If you are invited for family dinner of your Belgium partner, you have to bring some present like sweets for kids and flowers for the hostess. Do not be surprised if husband and wife seat separately on the table, because it is normal in Belgium. Do not ask for alcohol drink, unless you were proposed one by one of family members. If you are proposed some drink, you have to drink it and do not ask to change it for some other drink, as it is impolite in Belgium. You have to finish all the food on your table, as it is part of Belgian good manners and customs.

Dating Belgians is so interesting in peculiar features a whole book could be written in it. Belgians usually are described by foreigners having gentle and touchy character. As woman are quite emancipated in this country and share many male professions earning the same as man, it has left impact in relations between men and women. For example, Belgian woman could easily ask man she liked to go for a date with her and even pay for the dinner.

If you are on the first date, do not talk about specific and personal issues with your Belgian woman on this date. Such conversations could have place in the future if you will still have relations. Among personal behavior features while dating time with Belgian: do not put your feet on the table; do not put your hands under the table or in pockets when having dinner, keep hands on the table; do not use toothpicks in public places, while walking with Belgian girlfriend near; be ready to be in time if you promised to come for meeting.

If your dating leads to marriage with woman from Belgium, my congrats. In Belgium women more often, but men as well, are getting married early comparing with other EU countries, at the age of 20 – 22. That is why chances are high to find single Belgian woman at the age of 30 or 40, because many young marriages are not strong and ending with divorce. There are usually from 2 till 4 kids in Belgian family.

If you have taken into consideration our tips and have good manners, go on and find your Belgian love. If Belgian standards are inappropriate, you should take them and change yourself or forget about idea of dating in Belgium or getting married in Belgium. As you see, all genius ideas are simple. Good luck with your search in Belgium!

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