What foreigners associate Russia with?

Many Russian people think that foreigners associate Russia with bears on the streets and the cold winter only. It really was once true; bears drove through the streets during festivals. But the bears and the frost are not the only symbols of Russia. Of course, there are other things that foreigners considered typical for Russia. So, what foreigners associate Russia with?

Beautiful women. Beautiful Russian women for several decades are the hallmark of Russia. Many foreigners want to marry a Russian girl.

Vodka. Of course, let Russians not deceive themselves. Vodka is something with which Russia is associated with many foreigners. Fortunately, Russia is associated with vodka, not to all foreigners. However, these associations the Russians are unable to fight.

Matryoshka. Russian nesting dolls figurine is used by different trading and other companies whenever possible. Therefore, many foreigners already know that nesting doll called “matryoshka” is a symbol of Russia.

The red (and black) caviar. By the way, foreigners do not quite understand why Russians are so fond of red (and black) caviar. But most foreigners know that red caviar is the symbol of Russia.

Frost and snow. Cold, frost and snow are the things Russia is associated by foreigners who live in a warmer climate. Many foreigners mistakenly believe that in Russia there is a year-round frost and blizzard.

Bears. Bears are what many foreigners say when asked about Russia. Despite the fact that most Russians have seen bears in the zoo only, foreigners believe the bear is the symbol of Russia.

Birch. Of course, birch grows not only in Russia, but it is the tree and the symbol, which many foreigners associate Russia with.

Balalaika. Many foreigners asked something about Russia often use the word “balalaika”. Rather, the point is that the word is very melodious and easy for foreigners. Therefore, it is easy for them to remember not only the appearance of the balalaika, but its melodic name. In addition, the balalaika is memorable and unusual musical instrument.

Earflaps. Fur cap is a symbol of Russia. That is why many foreigners associate Russia with a cap with earflaps. Also here you can add funny and clumsy, but very warm boots called “valenki” and therefore Russians are called “vatniki” (material which boots are made of).

A girl in a headdress with a long braid. Few foreigners really able to distinguish a national Russian costume out of costumes from other nations. But “kokoshnik”, a headdress, it is undoubtedly one of the symbols of Russia. Ruddy and beautiful light haired girl in a headdress with long braid is often associated by many foreigners with the word “Russia”.

The girl in a scarf. Thanks to famous designers, Pavlovo Posad Shawl became a real symbol of Russia in recent years. Many foreigners associate Russia with a girl in a bright scarf with flowers.

Oil. Yes, this association about Russia came up in recent years when oil in Russia has become the main source of replenishment. By the way, some foreigners do not know even basic information about Russia, but they know that there is oil in Russia.

An aggressor country. Many foreigners know Russia as the country that provides aggressive politics outside the country and inside as well. Foreigners associate Russia as the country that annexed Crimea from Ukraine and a country that supports terrorists on Ukrainian region of Donbas. Russia is also associated with low life standards, high level of corruption, absence of democracy, failure to comply with human rights and democratic freedoms. Russia is known as the state that balances on the edge of authoritarianism and totalitarianism. Associated as a country that gave the terrorists weapons with which they destroyed Boeing of Malaysian airlines in 2014 with many civilians on board, including kids.

So, it was a modest list of what Russia is associated with foreigners. Of course, this list could go on almost indefinitely, but the most important associations are included on this list.

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