What Foreign Man Should Be Aware When Looking For Girl In Colombia?

Well known is fact that Colombia is country of one of the most beautiful ladies and it is known far away abroad since Columbus opened America to the rest of the World. For recent years in marrying Colombian woman is considered successful and serious step if she is pretty and intelligent. International dating sites have visited every day by hundreds of foreign men who are in search of the dreamed girl from Colombia. Surely, many of them have “not serious intentions” and they do not declare in visa application form. Often the only thing foreigner wants is sex tourism. “Easy girls for free or for a meal!”, sounds even cruel but it is the reality. Though, here we are writing about different stuff.

Foreign romance, future marriage or even those who conduct sex search are increasingly available to overestimate naivety of Colombian girls. Girls from this South American country do not always eagerly take the burden of marital duties. Very often they want to travel at the expense of foreigner, use him to visit expensive restaurants and hotels, ask him to buy some precious, like jewelry, cell phone or trendy clothes. It is fair enough as to men who visit the country to use the girls for cheap. Many of such called “brides” postpone sex for a long period of time, until the guy finally doubts the sincerity of her feelings and their platonic friendship. Potential bride could inform foreigner, she is in love with local man and simply disappear.

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To my surprise, many foreign guys do not realize for a long time they were used. Those girls try to get money in different ways they can. For example, they take gifts and presents as fashion clothes, appliances, gadgets, etc., and the next day bring those gifts to the store and ask the money back. So you know there are whole agencies whose business is built on these girls. They do all the staff from writing romance letters till actual meeting of potential groom.

Hope you will be wise and hoping to find bride in Colombia you will not get in trouble. And this is easy if you follow simple rules and keep reading useful articles from our website.

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