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Moldovan marriage laws

Marriage not for love but for the calculation nowadays common thing in Moldova. It is considered that the most “profitable” grooms are foreigners as there are clearly not enough smart and beautiful local businessmen for all mature women. Every year hundreds of Moldovan women register marriages with citizens of other states and tend to leave home to live in the country of her husband. More often Internet appears as a “matchmaker”. However, mixed marriages for love are also frequent fact. With changing the country of residence at the same time Moldovan girls are ready completely change their outlook, lifestyle, customs and traditions. But you can’t tell your heart what to do. Fortunately (or unfortunately), there are Moldovan laws, governing such marriages. There is a certain order of their registration.

Beginning from June 2005, by order of the Main Directorate of Civil Status of Moldova, registration of marriage with foreign nationals is permitted only in the municipal registry office. To be able to marry the citizen of Moldova, foreign citizen needs to show document that he is not punishable by law in his country, and a certificate of marital status.

These documents are subject to consular legalization in the prescribed manner: at the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in the country of foreigner citizenship (if there is no embassy, documents are legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country), then in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova. The documents must be translated into the official or Russian language. A photocopy of the Moldova entry visa must be attached along with notarized and translated into the national language copy of the passport and medical certificate of health. Documents above are valid for 6 months. This period provided for Moldovan citizens who marry abroad. Minimum period of marriage is one month from the date of submission of the application, the maximum period is 2 months. With good reason, this period may be shortened. Marriages are registered in any day desired by the young couple who is going to marry.

As practice shows, almost all countries put forward similar requirements for registration of marriages with foreigners. Although laws in each state are sometimes different and have special peculiarities. Moldovan citizens are free to marry and outside the country. To legalize the marriage in Moldova, it is necessary to re-register it at the Main Directorate of Civil Status of Moldova; the procedure is simple, but it also requires a hassle. In general, to marry a foreigner, in fact, is not difficult for Moldovan woman. The question is: what Moldovan guys will do, if all the girls will be looking for family happiness abroad?

Advice for Moldovan girls who are going to marry abroad

– Gather as much information about the future country of residence as possible
– A big plus to have valued overseas occupation and knowledge of foreign language
– Carefully read the marriage contract, which must be printed in your native language as well

– Before leaving, do not sell the apartment and property. It is always necessary to have “alternate field”

– Never, under any pretext not give anyone your passport.

– Do not rush to give birth. If married life go wrong, without the consent of her ex-husband it is unlikely return home with your child.

– Avoid being fully financially dependent on your husband and actively make efforts to find a job.

– Initially, do not count on emotional intimacy oy your spouse.

– Do not forget that in the western civilized countries Society does not tolerate violence and there is a public organizations, ready to protect the offended if needed. It is better to have their phone numbers just in case.

Women, who look to the West, as a rule, have persistent delusion that they will marry a prince, and foreign suitors believe that they sincerely will be loved by young beautiful Slav girl. In the end, everyone pays for his own illusion.

It would very good to see Moldovan girls of today do not repeat the mistakes of their predecessors. Let them emigrate if they choose it, and let it be a step up, but not into the abyss.

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    This Info is good and I’m praying I meet a young Christian woman to marry have kids and enjoy life in USA I own a property management company and am ready for a princess who will be a Christian wife! What’s the best way to do this with Moldovan woman?

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