What documents are needed to marry in Japan?

If you have found a Japanese girlfriend and want to get married in Japan, first of all you should be over 18 and your potential bride over 16 years old. But if she is under 20, there must be one of her parent’s approval. Also you definitely need certain documents to make this procedure there:

1). Passport.

You must have a passport that will prove your identity. It’s obvious because that is the most important document that we should have everytime we deal with such things as marriage, divorse, police, travelling, immigration and so on. If you are a foreigner, your passport should be translated into Japanese.

2). Original birth certificate.

At any case you should take your birth certificate with you. You may not need it, but sometimes they can request it.

3). Marriage registration form. 

This registration form should be signed by two witnesses who are over 20 years old. You can go there with your witnesses or they can sign it beforehand.

4). Certificate of no impediment. 

It is important to have it if you are a foreigner. You can obtain it in the embassy of your country in Tokyo for example. This document proves that you are free and that it’s legal for you to get married on the territory of the country. The same as a passport it should be translated into the Japanese language.

5). Parents’ permission. 

If your bride is under 20 she must have a signed permission from one of her parents. They should approve the wedding. Or in the other case you won’t be allowed to get married.

7). A personal seal. 

It is an official stam or signature that is definitely required.

So it’s not that difficult process as you may think. True love has no limits, an everything is possible unless you have a desire.

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