What causes high popularity of Serbian women among Americans

American men are hungry for femininity, gentle atmosphere and reliable rear back home. American men are tired of everyday competition with women as it brings constant stress which is not visible at first, but it really exists. I don’t want to be biased, but all the thoughts in this private article are my subjective opinions and if you have different opinion, you have right for that and you are able to express that in your comments. Imagine the situation some 30 years ago, where man went at work and did his job well bringing descent income at home. His wife was also working, but she earned less and that was the typical situation for the average family. I’m not saying it is good or bad, I’m not saying that women should earn less, in no way I don’t want to offend anyone, I just state the fact and soon you will see my logic. As man was earning even slightly more, but usually much more than his wife he felt the king of the hill, he felt needed and all his body produced hormones of joy and pleasure. This is not a joke, but proven fact that when man is struggling to make something till the end, when man achieves his goal this shows his importance and he feels completely satisfied and not least this is thanks to hormones and certain chemical composition of blood. All small everyday achievements and big long time achievements help this NATURAL process run. Let us analyze how it was centuries ago. Man went for hunting, brought a hunted piece of meat, his family was secured and sated now. Next time he had to do this all again, no matter how tired he was, but he felt obligation to the family and when he did that hunting, no matter how tired he was, he felt deep satisfaction and proved once more to himself and to members of his family that he is worthy man. NOTICE that this getting of food for family supplies was directly connected with hard physical activity and as we know, physical activities are directly connected with nervous system and nervous system affects how we feel and many other important processes. What do we see nowadays? Imagine average man who is going to the office, sits on his chair, staring at the monitor, sipping coffee and eating muffin. How do you believe such “getter” could be satisfied with his role? You might argue that situation has changed, that we live in civilized society, that places of work and ways to get income has changed and stuff like that. I will tell you only one thing: TELL IT TO YOUR BODY! Time period of 30-50 years is just miserable in terms of evolution process and we became changing our lifestyles so fast that our body can’t get adapted to this, which is why many people are suffering from panic disorders, depression and are not satisfied with their life. This concerns modern men, whose natural role of “getter” has changed dramatically. You will ask me how popularity of Serbian women correlates to this article? It is very simple, because in their trying to get this “getter role” in the society American men are looking for Serbian wives – women who let them fulfill this idea into life and feel natural as the result. Let’s look at this more precisely with details.

Serbian woman is feminine and was raised in the family where man is considered to be the head of the family, but at the same time he deeply respects his wife for all what she is doing for the common wealth of their family. Serbian husband respects woman and he is thankful for what she is doing. Husband and wife in typical Serbian family are equal in their importance and rights, but they are just doing different things for the sake of the family. This is the same as to say what is more important for life: sun or water? Could they be equal? No, but they are both important for life existence on Earth. Serbian wife, according to her upbringing, gives American man the opportunity to be that “getter”, the natural opportunity American man is often devoid way back home with local women. Of course, average American income helps American guy feel this role at its best, especially comparing to average Serbian income, but the thing is not only about money, but about feeling of being needed, being supplier, being defender. Read also: Family traditions in Serbia

Other important feature is support which Serbian woman gives to her husband. She would not leave him just for the fact he was resigned. Serbs have a lot of experience to struggle hard times and such minor thing as changing job would not affect women’s feelings.

Americans choose Serbian women for wives also because of their ability to take care about the house with interest and even some kind of enthusiasm. They just love doing home cleaning and when husband comes back home after work he will be surprised with tasty traditional supper. Food is a big part of Serbian culture and Serbian woman would feed you 3 times a day with great tasty dishes of national cuisine, but that does not mean you will get fat, because in normal mode when body has enough food three times a day it does not put aside fat “just in case”, you remain in a good shape and also food is natural and somewhat… beneficial. One more thing why men usually get fat is hormone called cortisol, which is also called a stress hormone. It has different influence on man’s body and when the stress is permanent, it makes man become fat because of metabolic disorders. When man feels confident, feels needed, when he takes his natural place in life he feels satisfied and has less stress – all these and much more could be achieved when having Serbian woman for wife and this is proved by many Americans who has already been married to Serbian woman.

One more great feature which attracts Americans in Serbian women is that they are willing to create the family, they love children and would like to have them. In terms of raising children Serbian women are the best as they show up as carrying mothers who without doubts and arguing would pay the most part of their spare time to their child, not demanding the same from their husband as they believe raising child is about 70% mother’s thing to do.

Serbian women are charming by their non emancipated view of life, being family oriented, but at the same time they have time for themselves – they study at the universities, they are intelligent and they are looking gorgeous – with proper make up, elegantly dressed using nice perfumes. Family oriented and good housewife does not mean that Serbian woman only seats at home – as usual she has work, but has time for other things to do, the only exception is little baby – then Serbian woman does not work, but takes care of the child and does house work. By the picture described I hope now you understand why Serbian women became competitors to American women when the aim is American man: American women often do not appreciate their men and Serbian women on the contrary, sincerely make them feel needed, important, make them feel real man. No other way for American men to choose the best option when it is going between American and Serbian wife. Read also: Serbian woman gets perfect match to be American wife

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