What can I expect having British girlfriend?

You have to pay a lot of attention to the British girl you are dating with, otherwise your relations will be finished very quickly, you have to find out how to answer all her text messages and facebook comments and messages even during the working time; yes, yes, British girls are very communicative and they need your attention and presence all the time, so you have to keep that in mind and handle it. As a real man, you have to prove you are the best in what you are doing; British girlfriends are very demanding and would like you to be happy from what you are doing, you always have to do your best, even not being on top of your career you have to try to reach the top, to achieve your goal, being leader; only in this case you will get respect and possibility for future relations with British girlfriend.

Many foreigners are wondering why British girls drink a lot and why it happens so often. Well, let us say they like hard alcohol and are able to drink more than average; that’s why many guys from foreign countries are unable to have a date with British girl, unless this man is from Ukraine, Poland or some other Slavic nation. Such drinking British girls need care of the man after and you are going to help her in this case as you are her boyfriend; maybe you are not ready to such relations and your nerves are not made of steel, so than such girlfriend from the U.K. is not the only one for you, probably. It does not mean British girls are addicted to alcohol, they just like to spend free time like this, having fun; and alcohol is one of such attributes that make grey horizon of English cities more colorful.

Though official language in the United Kingdom is English, you might have problems with English of your girlfriend from England; that is because you are going to face up with different dialects, accents and idioms you have never heard before. Such diversity of accents and dialects might become serious problem in your future relations with British girlfriend, especially if she would be uncompromising and will not care either you understand her or not; especially if she is going to talk to you quickly, that will be the main minus as you can imagine how irritating would be all your asks to repeat what she just said or to rephrase in literal or more understandable English; so if you think you know English, you have to date British girlfriend and maybe than you will have some doubts about that fact. On the other hand, if you both will learn how to understand each other better using compromises and language will be first and main compromise, than you probably would show to yourself and to others how strong your relations are; if you will learn English to such extend you will understand all what your girlfriend speaks about and if you will be able freely communicate with her friends, she would be probably not pleased by this fact, but will see you really care about her, or you are addicted to her. Read also: How to attract British woman?

Do not think about British girlfriend as about ideal lady from conservative Great Britain or how you see her in old movies, because reality is different and women from Great Britain are different as well; I would say, sometimes, completely different than you think. Many of them would not appreciate well known on the West values like healthy way of life and sports. Most likely she would like to go to the bar to drink some scotch and will jump into nearest fast food for fat greasy hamburger chasing with beer after that; so, don’t be surprised, but very often they are like that, those modern British girlfriends and this modern British youth. Dating British girl you have to be motivated to make quick actions and to learn how to react on her surprises and spontaneous things like changing mind too often and then coming back to the previous version, doing crazy things with her, but at the same time to be hard as rock and be able to show your real man’s character, especially in things where you have to show you are brave, when you will need to protect her; British girl may say rude things to some bunch of guys on the street and inform them her boyfriend will kick their asses if needed, and you will have to handle with that situation; do you really want to keep looking for British girlfriend? Are you sure? Then, let’s get to know more about those interesting and mysterious British girlfriends and who they really are.

One more plus about British girlfriend is that most likely she is going to have a big breast, because according to the research that was made since the beginning of 21st century until now, the breast of British women is getting bigger; so if you are connosseur of big breast, you have one more reason to try a chance with British girlfriend. Although, don’t be anxious too much about big gift of your English girlfriend, because one out of three women in the U.K . is overweight and because of that breast could be big as well; when we say overweight it does not necessarily mean women have real plus in weight, but if you want to find British girl with really slim figure you will have to try it hard and even if you find one it would be really hard to make her to pay attention to you, because she is either model or already knows how to “trade” with the attention of men.

Women in general like to explore hidden sides of their soul and British women in this case are on the first place in the world, probably. English girlfriends would like to make you a lot of surprises discovering the world near, wondering their own reaction and yours, as reaction of boyfriend as well, and this is very interesting, because they like to explore the world around them, they like to live every second, they like to be the fresh fruit; you will never get bored with girlfriend from England, maybe it would be unpleasant surprise or some weird situation you will have to find a way out from, but you won’t be bored for sure.

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