What Belarusian women are looking in men?

What do women want? Do you know? And what Belarusian women are looking in men? Can you guess? Imagine that you are a man (Or if you are – do not imagine). You liked the girl who was born in Belarus. You want to create a harmonious and strong relationship with her, who would necessarily have qualities such as love, trust, mutual understanding and so on. In order to develop relations successfully, it is necessary to know the peculiarities of the mentality of nationality, if we assume that you are not the same nationality as a Belarusian woman.

Belarusian women belong to the Slavic type, and hence their pretty faces, nice and cheerful disposition, soft and supple character. These girls are very bright in many ways. They do not have stiffness or much of special temperament. They rarely or rather – never compete with men; do not want equal positions with men in society. Belarusian women are one of the most non-emancipated women in the world. For such woman the desire to take care of her husband and children is the most important thing in life.

Recently, in Belarus there are more and more families where children are raised by one mother or one father. This is due to the large number of divorces. Naturally, when a girl grows up in an incomplete family, then, growing up, she will strive to create a strong family, so that her children do not live the way she lived. Or, on the contrary, this girl will grow quite infantile and wait her man only to give her financial support.

If you are lucky and you met a girl who sincerely wants to create a family with you and give birth to your children, then you should know that the Belarusian woman will live only for the sake of her family, children and husband. Her personal interests such a girl is likely to push into the background. Belarusian girls are generally very compassionate. They often would like to find a man and take care of him as like he is a little child. Perhaps that is why there are so many infantile men in Belarus. However, having lived with such a weak man, the woman is likely to divorce him sooner or later. And then in a new relationship, she will look for a real support in both moral and material sense.

Belarusian woman wants her man to be as interested in family values as she is. As a rule, such a family should have at least 2-3 children. Therefore, if you want to devote your life to yourself and not to think about a big family and offspring, then most likely you are not going to share one and the same path with Belarusian woman.

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