What are typical Cambodian women like

Typical Cambodian woman is small, smiling with nice, sometimes a little plumpy figure. She can kick a motor boat, while simultaneously cleaning pineapple and telling jokes in broken English. She drives a moped and fights along with men.

Here in Cambodia, the same as in neighboring Vietnam, mostly women decide everything. In fact, unrecognized matriarchy has been established in the country. Women conduct business, earn money, build houses and raise children. Men only have all days to sunbathe on their mopeds or tuk-tukas in anticipation of tourists.

Cambodian woman since childhood always knows what to do and how to make money. She is charming even during a trip to the store with children. Really, there are many pretty Cambodian moms on the city streets and their attitude to children and their appearance is just admiring. Read also: Woman is the head in Cambodian family

Cambodian women are known to have a strong, probably Khmer character. For the happiness of the family, she is ready to fight to death. She knows that there are no desperate situations. There are only weak people. Are you ready to have such a wife? I’m asking this just in case if you were admired by the prettiness and charm of Cambodian women and decided to marry one of them but forgot for a moment for inner world of typical Cambodian woman.

Want to hear more about Cambodian women character? Even if Cambodian woman does not have her own house, it does not mean she will give up –she will find the opportunity to satisfy her need. For example, in Phnom Penh, there are many houses and doors that can open in front of you if you are searching well and do not give up.

Typical Cambodian woman always thinks about the family, about work, about money, even when solving Sudoku. But the greatest value of Cambodian woman is children. Cambodian women are very devoted to their families, but, actually, they are in charge of those families.

Beauty is one more thing that identifies women of the region. Actually, Cambodian women are often considered to be the most beautiful women in South East Asia. There are many girls in Cambodia who become models.

But most important about the Cambodian women is that she never faints. In the company of Cambodian woman you will never be bored. It is always nice to spend time with them. You get very optimistic, open and enjoy your life after sharing this powerful energy of Cambodian women – check it out! Read also: Typical Cambodian family

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