What are the differences between American women and Hungarian women?

Hungarian women live in Europe and American women, though vast majority has European roots, live in the US and this makes differences even more vivid. Another continent, another country, another culture, traditions and way of life makes American and Hungarian women different. But is this difference so obvious? After all, women are women and it does not really matter what part of the world they live in. Hungary has EU standards of life which are similar to American social standards and this makes people of both countries behave in a similar way.

Today with widespread hi-end technologies, Internet and social networks people are communicating more frequently, borders between cultures eliminate and such lifestyle is predominant for both young American and Hungarian girls. They listen to the same music, they like the same actors and so on. We see there is a lot of common between American and Hungarian girls, must add that wave of emancipation which once has been started in the USA influenced Hungarian girls as well, especially if to talk about young generation, but we are discussing rather differences than things in common, so let us find them out.

First what comes up into mind that Hungarian girls are pretty, they have pretty faces and slim figures and here I don’t want to offend American women, but if with pretty faces you can handle somehow than slim figure is rare finding.

If to talk about attitude of American and Hungarian women to sex you will face up with a lot of stereotypes. Europeans believe that Americans are very liberate and could have sex with anyone they first meet on the party, such a Hollywood movies based general outlook, but it is different in reality and Americans believe Europeans are liberate to random sex partners. As you see, many men many minds and so you have to take into consideration that every girl is a personality with her own preferences, no matter if she is Hungarian or American.

No doubts, Hungarian women are more family oriented and within some time would like a child or two. They are not in hurry to build a big family, but they steel feel happy when they once get one. American women in general also would like to have happy family, but often they are career oriented, take personal goals as more important than family needs and sometimes even prefer to be selfishly happy, getting only pleasure from life, but not having children, marriage and stuff.

Hungarian women are good housewives? Well, they are not bad considering cooking, cleaning, washing and other stuff which family routine life includes, but at the same time young generation of Hungarian women is completely different from older Hungarian women who are willing to sacrifice themselves to the family. Young generation of Hungarian girls chooses division of labor, equal rights for pleasure, work and time to relax.

If you are choosing girlfriend, wife or wish to know more about Hungarian women you better focuse on particular person rather than on her nationality. Never choose girl when your choice is based on the nationality only. You have to feel mutual sympathy and than it is not important what nationalities both of you are. I understand if you want to know more general information about Hungary and Hungarian girls and that is why you are reading this, but if you are looking for Hungarian girlfriend characteristics I will tell this is very personal and every new girl will surprise you every time, because in field of relations stereotypes are rare thing to happen, rather more personal unique experience.

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